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  1. rr6013

    Eight Foot Bed on Cybertruck

    Expect CT to negotiate USFS roads in the West. Trailering toys(loaded) ditto. Gnarly hard scrabble back country access in the West the BLM/ USFS gated, chained and locked by 1978. So I expect CT to get man and machine back into those places open to public access. Exceptions will occur and...
  2. rr6013

    Armored glass is for a pending apocalypse and when this happens... just saying.

    Right? IDK how that snippet got posted. You make a great point! Like a fire sprinkler system doesn’t stop fire neither. Just allow escape. It did hold up. Driver would escape due to Armor Glass.
  3. rr6013

    World travel with CT Camper?

    Join to see how the world travels. Explore the Pan American Hwy from Ushuai AR to Kodiak AK on the YouTube channel Expedition Overland. There’s a ton of logistics, paperwork and route tips out there.
  4. rr6013

    Armored glass is for a pending apocalypse and when this happens... just saying.

    Armor glass was tested. Armor Glass failed the balls of steel test. How did Armor Glass legend grow to hunkd of concrete hurled by
  5. rr6013

    Towing Camping Trailers

    Energy density makes comparision by analogy a little bit trcky. Energy density is energy per unit volume.
  6. rr6013

    Odd Changes to Cybertruck Bed?

    Nah, beauty marks from hauling redneck-style(w/o tiedown) ~1000+# equipment on feet over a speed bump or that tilted back with a harrumph. Starting to look like a pickup!
  7. rr6013

    Cybertruck Tire Size Options What Do You Choose?

    BIG endorsement for Tesla suspension system. Not that Dodge is a worthy test but wheel hop is wheel hop on wet pavement and Teslas are putting traction down. Buy stock in tire companies. Great tires are going to go quick! LOL
  8. rr6013

    Odd Changes to Cybertruck Bed?

    Think tie down points.
  9. rr6013

    Cybertruck as a tow vehicle

    Patent that invention! It will provide for the day technology enables autonomous convoy, triple trailers ganged will look old school when trains of containers begin self-caravans. Ideas have value…
  10. rr6013

    Rumor: CT's spotted on their way to cold weather testing site

    IF any of this is true, the connection to .mil is driving. The exercise is not in alignment, too costly and too weird to test civilian acceptance on military range. The electric motor spec could be a critical procurement item needing verification with intended application. Maaaybe…
  11. rr6013

    My F150 just reminded me why I want the CyberTruck

    Very cold, wet plug. A bit worn. But those threads! Man what happened to ream out the washer seal? Someone over-tighten? Tesla have effectively EOL mechanics. The point of fixing, maintaining ICE are diminishing returns to the point of zero. But foreign countries, that’s viable dumping...
  12. rr6013

    Cybertruck as a tow vehicle

    Powered trailer is just a No-Go. The margin for error is too narrow. Trailers are driven by professional truck drivers for reason. They have a point of “no return”. Pulling a trailer, the tow vehicle alignment with the trailer is 1:1 perfectly aligned. Wind gusts hit one side of a trailer is...
  13. rr6013

    Elon Musk Dines with SNL Team and Pays Particular Attention to Scale Cybertruck

    After anal retentive, jacked up Mega serious SteveJobs for over a decade, Elon Musk is a breath of fresh air. Still ûber intellectual yet relaxed, humorous and unguarded in public he is welcomed whether barefoot, joint smoking or SNL; Elon is one for the ages.
  14. rr6013

    Winch with box on wheels inside vault

    That’s what’s required for fabrication-on-site equipment, tools and specialized trades like pipe fitters, plumbing, fire suppression and welding. Reverse the winch. Afix aboard the movable piece and a hook on the CT only. Plug into CT with longtail cord to keep it tidy.
  15. rr6013


    Great configurability point. That swing crossbar is a good catch. No windage penalty only convenience for a rack used only when you need double the cargo. Doubled number of crossbars for last overland 1900 mi. cross country trip. Shocked add’l bars were such a drag Less is more! I’m Big Fan of...
  16. rr6013


    CT roof is glass to rack; sloped. Coast Guard is as close to a real roof rack CT gets. CT Overall Height is 75 in. Putting bikes atop CT is no easy reach from tera firma. It makes it tough on “ground crew” who will wrestle overhead weight against gravity to unload any size roof rack atop CT...
  17. rr6013

    CyberLandr for Cybertruck has gained $50 million in pre-orders

    Yeah, its but tugly…I always know when something is going to be a success. Beatle’s, VW beatles, tiny homes, A-frame campers…It‘s when I hate something at first. Pop-down adds @Home convenience that glamping took literally while losing the glamping lifestyle aura. A new categorical reshuffling...
  18. rr6013

    VIDEO - Tesla Cybertruck TeraFactory Site Construction Is Well Underway

    It could be ground-tie footer to a spread-beam footing designed in matrix.
  19. rr6013

    Possibility of dual controls/detachable yoke in Europe/UK/Ireland.

    Sandy Munroe is correct once steer input is drive-by-wire. The necessity to turn the wheel rotationally becomes anachronism. Electronics are response centric and responsible for the adaptive or FM (frequency modulation)smoothing variabilty for inputs/feedback. A stick simplifies the...
  20. rr6013

    Why some electric car owners return to gas – the reasons aren’t surprising

    Not only MUD. They have to confront the fact 70% of Californians live in HOA. BEV industry doesn’t want a repeat of the satellite dish fiasco HOA created when the satellite dish went mainstream. Parking is HOA constrained so adding charging spots, hardware and traffic in-out is friction the BEV...