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  1. Article: Tesla Giga Texas on Track to Launch Production & Deliveries This Year

    ".... every model to date has not hit it's delivery target, ...." Yes, which may be why Tesla spokespeople now feel it's better to underpromise and overperform.
  2. Where do the model names come from?

    Do the names 3, S, X, and Y have any significance, or are they just random labels?
  3. Cybertruck design & engineering complete. First deliveries still this year.

    Yes, we now have convincing evidence that: 1. The CT rollout will phase in late this year. 2. The CT rollout will begin some time next year.
  4. No Cybertruck deliveries before 2022

    That's a relief to hear! I was worried that they lost my reservation.
  5. Should Tesla Do Paid Advertising?

    Totally agree. It's not a matter of the amount. (I expect Tesla is about to rake in such huge profits that advertising would be an expense write-off that would cost them near nothing anyway.) It will be a source of pride that my driving a Tesla was not due to some Mad-Men types researching how...
  6. CyberTruck production start date = April 2022

    When a totally new vehicle comes out of a totally new plant, a thousand things could go wrong and hold up production. So rollout won't mean you better clear out your garage.

    If you're bent on having the CT be a towee rather than a tower, you could get a 2-axle trailer to carry it. You could solar-panel the floor except for the CT's wheel paths, or the roof of an enclosed one.
  8. China Cybertruck owner-update Winter testing, will we drive CT to go mountain climbing in winter or snow season Be sure to click on the video

    Depends on how many and how exported. One CT flown in a cargo plane would cost almost as much as the truck. A thousand CTs on a vehicle-transport ship would be much less per vehicle, especially since many such ships have to otherwise return from the US empty.
  9. What features won’t be standard on the tri-motor and what do you think full spec will cost?

    I'm sure that no car company makes winches. Winch companies might design models suitable for specific vehicles, though.
  10. Rumor: Tesla working with 3M to custom wrap Cybertruck from the factory

    ''They take their space seriously.'' You can't register your car without proving that you have a parking place for it.
  11. The Cyber will be the most expensive thing I have ever bought INCLUDING my house.

    I'm sure you've heard the common financial axiom: "People spend most on their home, second-most on their car." Actually it's the opposite, because (and this is big-time, with few exceptions) homes appreciate and vehicles depreciate. So you're right on track.
  12. Canada's Upcoming 20% Surtax

    Thanks for all the good work. I wonder if Tesla would sell a new owner the FSD or other add-ons after purchase.
  13. Canada's Upcoming 20% Surtax

    Got a little more info. This "luxury tax" is in the proposed federal budget -- which has not been passed, and could have changes. But as it stands: The "$100k" trigger is the pre-tax list price so apparently trade-ins or discounts would be irrelevant. Applies to most road vehicles...
  14. Canada's Upcoming 20% Surtax

    It was just announced in the federal budget, and applies to boats and planes too. Don't bet on that $70k because we don't know what the exchange rate will be or how Tesla will translate the US-dollar price. Or what they will charge for delivery. I'll try to get more unannounced details. Is...
  15. Ego Zero Turn Mower

    Two years ago, replaced my 2-strokes with Stihl electrics. They have two sizes of li-ion batteries; I got the larger. My two batteries (one charger) power a pole chainsaw, hand chainsaw, hedge trimmer, leaf blower, and rotary trimmer. Costly but worth it for the convenience. (I didn't get the...
  16. Canada's Upcoming 20% Surtax

    Starting Jan 1 of next year, if you spend over $100k Canadian on a vehicle, you pay an extra tax of (your choice) 20% of the amount over $100k or 10% of the whole cost. Sadly, it will be well into next year before Canadians start getting their CTs, and I'm sure many will exceed $100k. Anybody...
  17. Rumor: Tesla working with 3M to custom wrap Cybertruck from the factory

    There's a recent write-up (I think forwarded from you) about the possibility of a smaller CT version. When in Japan I saw all sorts of heavy commercial vehicles like transport, cement and fire trucks. They looked quite like ours except for being (and I mean this literally) half-sized...