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  1. azjohn

    Why we here need to pretend to be excited about the Ford F-150 Lightning

    Competition is always good, I am interested in what the product will look like. Not a big fan of V2G, say if there is an extended power outage and you use the CT battery to keep things going than you have a vehicle you may not be able to drive. I am very dependent on electricity, only thing I...
  2. azjohn


    I am much more concerned about getting Starlink in my area over a Cybertruck
  3. azjohn

    CT porcupine proof?

  4. azjohn

    RAM TRX pickup spotted at Fremont plant for Cybertruck benchmark testing

    I have thought of a HD Cybertruck, maybe put a CT body on a Tesla semi platform
  5. azjohn

    RAM TRX pickup spotted at Fremont plant for Cybertruck benchmark testing

    TRX is a beautiful truck, IMO biggest problem is the 250 mile range on a tank of gas. As gas prices go up I am expecting TRX values will go down A supercharger is more major maintenance I would like to avoid especially the rebuild at about 200K miles, If i bought one it would be new and sell...
  6. azjohn

    Rumor: Tesla working with 3M to custom wrap Cybertruck from the factory

    Line X Ultra is a thinner product than the truck bed coating and is marketed as paint replacement is the same weight as paint roughly 100 lbs for the entire vehicle
  7. azjohn

    📸 Cybertruck Spotted at Giga Texas Plant! + Interior Look with Yoke Steering Wheel and Performance Pedals!

    Funny thing is I live in Henry County which borders on Patrick County both named after Patrick Henry
  8. azjohn

    Ego Zero Turn Mower

    I finally found an Ego Zero Turn on display at a Lowes. Sat in the seat and it was a firm no, much too small to be comfortable
  9. azjohn

    TFL reviews the Jeep Magneto

    The more I see of the Magneto the more disappointing it is, when the hood was raised I thought "Really?"
  10. azjohn

    Ego Zero Turn Mower

    Came across this Youtube video, the guy puts it through testing which will be more extreme than what I have
  11. azjohn

    How can the Tri-Motor Cybertruck at $70k possibly be real?

    1. Exoskeleton vs body on frame is a huge difference 2. Lack of paint, paint is more expensive than what people think
  12. azjohn

    Insurance Cost

    When I was with State Farm they gave you the option of the plug in tool, what you posted came to mind my rates are already low so ignored it
  13. azjohn

    Anyone considering getting Solar with the new Green Act

    I am assuming that is night rates. Pretty much won’t be beating .05 a KWH
  14. azjohn

    EV charging at sea

    are all ferries in Norway that expensive?
  15. azjohn

    Jeep shows working prototype EV... With manual transmission?

    It’s being reported that battery size for Magneto is 70KW with the battery being 4 small modules that are separated
  16. azjohn

    Jeep shows working prototype EV... With manual transmission?

    I was wondering the same thing regarding a transmission and the more YouTube videos I saw on the Magneto the more disappointing it has become. Jeep is just replacing the engine with an electric motor in the same spot with a rev limit of about 6K. The Jeep forums I belong to are most excited that...
  17. azjohn

    Recaptcha pop ups

    Would a VPN cause this? My internet can be sketchy, losing signal and getting it back can happen as often as every 10 minutes while online
  18. azjohn


    There were some pics of the CT wheels without the covers back stage the night of the reveal