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  1. mggoulet

    Maybe Single motor is all you need?

    We really need more and more range as it is suggested to charge no more than 80% and in winter the range will be reduce... and we do not see supercharger in bushes...!!!
  2. mggoulet

    Cybertruck wishlist - options or ideas you'd like to see available?

    Ces radars seraient une bonne initiative... car lors de notre dernière visite en France, nous avions cette option sur la Peugeot... qui nous a sauvés de +++ égratignures... Actuellement, notre sienna a ces options...sauf si la neige les recouvre...!!!
  3. mggoulet

    Video: Top 5 Features Needed on the Cybertruck

    We have RFT (run flat tire) no need of spare tire... and we are too old to change tire... I like side mirors, back camera at top, and long range of 1,000 km or 600 miles... opening from bed to rear seats...
  4. mggoulet

    First Cybertruck Deliveries Will Be Early 2022 - Per Email to Reservation Holders Pushing For Leasing of Other Teslas

    Hoping to get the new batteries 4680 and a range at least of 600 miles for trimotor...!!!
  5. mggoulet

    600+ Range For Cybertruck

    Does it mean that the CT trimotor could get 1,000 Km range ???
  6. mggoulet

    How many are getting the solar option

    Merci for your explanation... as we have a lot of cloudy sky (not like the lucky people of the south) and our electric price is the lowest... I will not invest in that for now...
  7. mggoulet

    How many are getting the solar option

    Résultat négatif... on appelle ça une grippe d'homme...!!! bon voyage... tu nous diras comment se comporte la milice...!!!
  8. mggoulet

    How many are getting the solar option

    Mes amis de l'île Nettles m'ont confirmé qu'ils resteraient une semaine confinés après le 3 nov. à cause du résultat qui pourrait attiser les tensions...Donc, en plus du covid... soyez sur vos gardes...!!! In God we trust... in everything else we check...!!! stay safe...!!! pas encore reçu le...
  9. mggoulet

    How many are getting the solar option

    My son (dr. Éric Lampron-Goulet, md spécialiste en santé public) and his wife, Md Urgentologue, imposent us NOT to go in USA as long as the situation will be under controlled... see: where you can choose...
  10. mggoulet

    How many are getting the solar option

    Usually we go 4.5 months in Fl... And we heat about 8,000 Square feet with 3 stories at ceiling of 10 feet high... this summer we had 4 "canicules"... need AC... Total coast of $3,100 yearly... But I expect less than $4,000 ...Also, we have 2 heat pumps of mitsubishi (Zuba) / 3 blades windows...
  11. mggoulet

    How many are getting the solar option

    So, $0.09 CAD X .75 = $0.0675 USD
  12. mggoulet

    How many are getting the solar option

    There is my copy of Hydro-Québec... all in CAD: DÉTAIL DES COÛTS – TARIF DOMESTIQUE D Du 17 juillet 2020 au 14 septembre 2020 (60 jours) Consommation totale 3 240 kWh Jusqu’à 40 kWh x 60 jours 2 400 kWh x 0,0608 $ 145,92 $ Le reste des kWh 840 kWh x 0,0938 $ 78,79 $ Frais d’accès au réseau 60...
  13. mggoulet

    How many are getting the solar option

    Here in Québec, we produce electricity by damming big river in the north... So, our cost is around $0.06 CAD all day long... So, with the trimotor we will not really need that... But, I'M not oppose to that wonderfull idea especially where the production of electricity is from fossile (gaz...
  14. mggoulet

    Cybertruck renderings and creations

    Pensez-vous réellement utiliser le ct en France car en Europe les routes sont très étroites.
  15. mggoulet

    Cup holders

    As in the sienna,,, we need a lot of spaces and pocket...111
  16. mggoulet

    Watch the Tesla Battery Day Livestream & Post Your Reactions Here

    I wish ct trimotor will get 750 miles range...!!! I wish ct 3 motors will get 750 miles range.
  17. mggoulet

    Musk Says Cybertruck Will Take Cross-Country Trip Tour Later This Year

    We are awaiting to receive CT ASA ... can you make a system telling what date to get CT according to our reservation ?
  18. mggoulet

    Dual rear cameras spotted on Cybertruck

    In winter snow could block the camera...!!!