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  1. VI Tesla

    Wow! Buying a experience ever! Even at the dealer and when not a preorder!

    Our experience was the same but we did the pre-order route, this was back in 2019. Two weeks later we got the call it was ready. We scheduled a time that would work for us to pick it up, we even had a trade in (which was super simple process, of course didn't get much but just wanted the old ICE...
  2. VI Tesla

    CT porcupine proof?

    We've had a problem in our Model 3 with rats eating the plastic. The buggers chewed 3 massive holes in the window wash bottle. In a bid to be more green some of the plastic parts contain soy which is apparently irresistible to them. It's not a Tesla only problem most OEMs are seeing the same...
  3. VI Tesla

    Gonna SMOKE Tesla?

    Agreed battery advancements are very cool. However this article needs to be taken for what it is, a bit of self promotion as no time line is provided. It's all give and take with battery technology, the lithium iron phosphate in not as energy dense and heavier/bulkier than the typical lithium...
  4. VI Tesla


    As previously stated not an option and doubt it will be as not sustainable way to charge EVs. In this scenario you might as well buy a gas generator to charge the CT and run the RV.
  5. VI Tesla

    Canada's Upcoming 20% Surtax

    Absolutely will sell FSD and other add on after. Our Model three has upgrades you can purchase through the Tesla App, ie FSD and heated rear seats. You just have to pay the listed price, not a locked in pre-order price.
  6. VI Tesla

    Canada's Upcoming 20% Surtax

    Really only effects the Tri-Motor CT. Dual motor with FSD would only be ~ another $800 if you chose the %20 over $100K, depending on when you locked in the FSD. Silly thing is the governments should be providing incentives. If the aim is to reduce emission why incentivize vehicles that are only...
  7. VI Tesla

    BMW iM2 EV could blow away Tesla Roadster — with 1,300 horsepower

    I read/heard somewhere that 's it's getting to the point where it doesn't really matter how much more power you're putting in the car, the limiting factor is the wheels to road. Street legal wheels can only take so much before they shred. This is where the roadsters cold gas thruster circumvents...
  8. VI Tesla

    China Cybertruck owner-update Winter testing, will we drive CT to go mountain climbing in winter or snow season Be sure to click on the video

    Welcome Xu Jin. Any specific reason you believe it will do well in China. Just curious if there is an overall element that you believe really resonates with the Chinese market that may be different from the North American market. Also I'm very excited to see what designs come out of the China...
  9. VI Tesla

    This site has affected my thought processes – not necessarily for the better

    Be careful you're following a very passionate bunch now. I started with the dual motor no FSD, now I'm at Dual Motor with FSD and seriously considering Trimotor + FSD if I can swing it when it comes time. Lots of good info here and there sure is a lot of it now. Congrats.
  10. VI Tesla

    GM announces the Chevy Silverado EV: 400 miles of range with Ultium battery techCHEVROLET CONFIRMS THE FIRST-EVER ELECTRIC SILVERADO FULL-SIZE TRUCK

    When we bought our model 3 in 2019 it was the same story. Anything worth looking at was the same price as the Telsa .... umm no thanks Hyundai/Kia.
  11. VI Tesla

    "FSD, autopilot" or driver error?

    Hopefully they pull through. To the question though this is driver error, no question. Even if on autopilot or BETA FSD you are supposed to be paying attention.
  12. VI Tesla

    Cybertruck-Making it uniquely yours.

    btw where are you getting info about order locality? did a painful search on the reservation list.
  13. VI Tesla

    Cybertruck-Making it uniquely yours.

    There are six pre-orders in my town alone and roughly ~360 in my province. Not surprising though as I recently read an article where British Columbia has the highest number of EVs per capita in North America...
  14. VI Tesla

    Wire Eating Rats

    Rodent chewed two massive holes in the window wash bottle in our model 3. Bought the part from Tesla but it is not a straight forward fix, have to remove the power steering and window wiper motor. I've swung many a wrench on a car but usually with a manual, in the this case didn't want to mess...
  15. VI Tesla

    Cybertruck camper drawings

    Not a camper but this is fifth wheel I'm rebuilding to tow behind my CT. Apologies for the rough render haven't figured out how to make compound curves on trailer. Waiting on final specs so I can add appropriate lift to camper.
  16. VI Tesla

    Cybertruck Horn

    Just type Tesla Boom box into You tube and you see a bunch of people gigling like crazy as they make fart sounds in mall parking lots. Short answer yes people will hear it from 50' or so.
  17. VI Tesla

    Cybertruck Horn

    As with the new update to the Tesla fleet (boom box), you can make the horn anything you want. It will have standard options of course (horn, goat, fart, etc.) but you also have the option of using any sound you wish saved on a USB stick. Also true for pedestrian driving sounds. Love the R2D2...