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  1. Armored glass is for a pending apocalypse and when this happens... just saying.

    Well that settles it... I'm not leaving the house until my CT arrives.
  2. Article: Tesla Giga Texas on Track to Launch Production & Deliveries This Year

    I'm familiar with construction and fully realize the monumental task of building this factory. I chose to stay positive and believe they will start pumping out a few CTs by October/November.
  3. Odd Changes to Cybertruck Bed?

    Its a sad day in CT news when this is what we must resort to talking about...
  4. Cybertruck as a tow vehicle

    Lol that is pretty much how I justify it in my mind. I'm actually hoping the trimotor will include a few other luxuries as well, such as rear LCD for the kids.
  5. Cybertruck as a tow vehicle

    A big battery is mandatory for towing. Its also madatory for life in Canada where distances are vast, charging network is limited, and cold weather kills range. I wish Tesla would offer the big battery on dual or single motor variants. I don't need a Plaid Mode CT, but I do need a big battery.
  6. Why some electric car owners return to gas – the reasons aren’t surprising

    So people trade in their Fiat 500e for a gas vehicle. What a shocker!
  7. Cybertruck delayed; writing is on the wall.

    Building BEVs at high volume is no simple task. Keep in mind nobody else has done it yet. Tesla model 3 and Y being the only high volume BEVs in the world. I'm as impatient as the next guy and with reservation #546,000 I'll be waiting for quite a while...
  8. GMC shows off Hummer EV “CrabWalk” feature in real-world conditions

    Lol so true, and "mass production" meaning 10k units per year. Same as most other "me too" BEVs.
  9. Cybertruck delayed; writing is on the wall.

    I am actually very optimistic about production. The factory is going up really fast. Radio silence from Tesla and Elon about CT is not evidence of bad news. I predict 20k CT deliveries this year. I think they will start deliveries by end of October.
  10. When do you think we will hear the production specs of the Cybertruck?

    I don't think there will be any new prototype iterations. The design is complete, factory tooling has been ordered and is already arriving on site. Tesla is very mysterious about features. I wouldn't be surprised if there are very few additional details provided even at the time of placing...
  11. BMW iM2 EV could blow away Tesla Roadster — with 1,300 horsepower

    As a status symbol, Tesla is the new BMW. I think BMW is pinning for the good ole days. I hope they can pull this off but I'm not holding my breath.
  12. GMC shows off Hummer EV “CrabWalk” feature in real-world conditions

    They sure don't make em like they used to... Also, the new hummer is WAY too expensive! I'm sure its a beast but that price...
  13. Consumer Interest in Tesla Cybertruck Stronger Than GMC Hummer EV and F-150 EV, According to Study

    GM and Ford are brand new to the EV space, and we don't know much about their batteries. Battery tech is king. Range and durability need to be really good. A bad battery can effectively kill a vehicle. Look at old Teslas - a few faulty cells can kill the whole pack and cost of replacement is...
  14. GMC shows off Hummer EV “CrabWalk” feature in real-world conditions

    Seems kinda gimmicky... A feature you would try once or twice and basically never use again.
  15. Who Plans on Towing? And What is Their Plan?

    I will occasionally borrow a camping trailer and pull it with my CT. I fully expect to have to disconnect the trailer in order to charge but I don't mind. Besides, where I live there are so few Teslas that it is rare to see a single vehicle charging.
  16. Morgan Stanley estimates Cybertruck production volume to hit 100k/year in 2025 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Even an imbecile can see that pre-orders alone will dwarf this idiotic estimate... Even if 90% of pre-orders drop out they'll still crush the estimate by delivering 100k in the first year easily.