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  1. F150 Lightning Predictions

  2. F150 Lightning Predictions

    Bingo card to include: -"world's first all electric pickup truck" -"world's largest public charging network" -we analyzed over "x" million commercial vehicle millions and determined this small range is good enough -Ford truck history promo video showing how innovative they are -pulling train...
  3. F150 Lightning Predictions

    I sure hope it's not another Hummer repeat. It's a tough position to be in. Can't be too good or it'll hurt ice sales, can't be awful or it'll make Ford look behind in EV technology and in turn erode investor confidence. Profit margin probably isn't as good so don't want to sell too many. The...
  4. F150 Lightning Predictions

    If you look at the size of new Rouge factory where it'll be built I'm guessing 50k being built a year. Every EV truck that is built will sell. Only sales that will be affected will be ICE sales. Like I've said many times, only argument not to get an EV truck at the moment is if you plan on...
  5. F150 Lightning Predictions

    What does everyone predict for the Lightning reveal? Here's what I think: [ ] $55,000/$70,000 [ ] 250 and 350 mile range [ ] 14,000lb towing [ ] 2,500lb payload [ ] 200kW charging [ ] Dual Motor [ ] 0-60 4 sec/5 sec [ ] Bed Charging, no air compressor [ ] Frunk charging
  6. Video: Cybertruck Lowered Rear Air Suspension and Drops Tailgate Ramp @ Giga Texas

    I really hope the slide out ramp gets a redesign. When the guy pulled it out and put it back away I cringed of the herniated discs I would get. Need to avoid picking that all up off the ground.
  7. What will be the next confirmed reveal regarding the CT

    The F150 Lightning reveal next week will probably put some pressure on Elon to provide some updates. Just as it did with Lucid reveal. Items of interest for me: -actual range (what does the "+" mean? Will it be similar increase as semi?) -charging rate (agajn, what does the "250+" mean...
  8. Knock off the blockchain Elon

    Seeing how his tweets have affected Tesla stock, cost Tesla money, and created a bad reputation for those who can't read past a bad headline,.... ummm, yeah, I'm going to go ahead and say this affects the stock.
  9. Knock off the blockchain Elon

    I'm not super familiar w/ bitcoin energy usage. Is it due to the number of transactions? Or just w/ the mining? It would seem that if more energy is required for more transactions as price increases, this is a case of egg on elon and Teslas face. They definitely should have seen that coming! If...
  10. Cybertruck as a tow vehicle

    This is what I was thinking about when it came to charge times. If true, much faster than current tech. V3 Charger Map. If you live in Midwest it's pretty sparse...
  11. Cybertruck as a tow vehicle

    I think most don't understand how few V3 chargers there are in the Midwest. Would really stink to have this awesome truck w/ above 250kW (I'm hoping for 350kW) charging capability, only to be stuck at V2 stations. That would be soul crushing to not be able to use that capability...
  12. Cybertruck as a tow vehicle

    I don't know if it's so much range, but more lack of pull through superchargers that will be the limiting factor. Even if range is cut in half, that's still 150 or 250 miles, or at least 2 hours of driving between stops. Stopping to charge won't be the annoying part, it'll be unhooking your...
  13. New Tesla Supercharger in Texas Includes Spaces (Probably) For Cybertruck

    Wouldn't chargers specific for CT be for pull through charging for towing?
  14. Will Dual Motor Cybertruck Have 4680 Cells?

    I have been trying to find it (without luck) and I'm sure others here have already watched it, but on the Now You Know YouTube channel, they recently conjectured that because the ranges of the different Model S models were similar to the CT ranges, and that only the Plaid + would be getting 4680...
  15. The US Is Real Close to Screwing Up Electric Vehicle Charging Forever

    Good info. I would say as long as both can support 350kW charging they are both fine. Crissa, I see you in most of the message forums. Which do you feel is the better connector? I haven't used either.
  16. The US Is Real Close to Screwing Up Electric Vehicle Charging Forever

    I don't own an EV, and I know I'm talking to a biased forum, but my understanding Tesla has the superior connector to CCS. More ergonomic and easier to use. Something to think about w/ Bidens 500,000 proposed chargers, Tesla unless they open it up to the rest of the industry, won't get funding...
  17. Towing & Charging - What's the plan Tesla? Share MegaChargers with Semis? Front Charge Port?

    I think this is a great unknown. Cheapest option would be charging port in front and/or long charging cable like used for semi. Problem with long cord is people driving over it. Disconnecting trailer isn't a realistic solution for general public imo.
  18. Who Plans on Towing? And What is Their Plan?

    I was reading an older article on towing w/ a Model X and it got me thinking about the Supercharger experience w/ towing. The author stated he had to unhitch most of the time to SC, and since most SC (including new V3s being installed) are back-in vs pull-through, I was curious what readers on...
  19. Who Else is Hoping for a Redesign for Wife's Acceptance?

    The funny thing is I started this post w/ my wife sitting next to me adding the If you read my posts I think it's clear how I would pay for CT. Never was asking for a major design change, just minor changes. One of the big selling points is having a stainless steel damage proof body. And...
  20. Insurance Cost

    I was wondering about this as well. Good info.