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  1. Elon on SNL

    I couldn't agree more. I thought Elon was awesome! I truly enjoyed watching his performances.
  2. Name your top 5 reasons why you pre-ordered a Cybertruck

    1. I absolutely loved the look of it from the first time I saw it 2. Totally want an EV 3. I'm in IT and am so excited for all the tech 4. Wanting a EV truck that can pull an RV and it fits the bill 5. I've never bought a foreign car, always a car from the big 3, this car is more American...
  3. CyberLandr Camper / Overlander Concept for Cybertruck

    That's pretty cool. I've look at some compact campers and they have had the toilet, shower, sink all in the same space. I thought it was weird at first as well but it makes a lot of sense for saving space.
  4. Tesla Looks a Lot More Like BlackBerry Than It Does Apple

    Lack of exchange server support was another huge reason for companies to ditch blackberry and move on. Their products didn't keep up with the demands of the market.
  5. Win a Free Tesla Trucker Hat Giveaway! [Contest Inside]

    Replacing a 2013 Ford Edge. Been thinking about an RV and needed something bigger to haul it. Now I'm thinking a CyberTruck to haul it, and then figure out what RV goes well with it. :)