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  1. 2Futre4u


    Funny, < this has been my profile pic for almost a year! =)
  2. 2Futre4u

    Cybertruck would look amazing like this!

    I drive an old jeep with a completely flat windshield that gives off a great perfect rectangle reflection, I play juvenile games like 'Who can I blind?" when the time is right. I feel like I am using Achaemenes death ray for one second at a time.
  3. 2Futre4u

    Where will we put the "key"?

    I live out of cell phone range and my phone works with my model 3, im pretty sure it is bluetooth.
  4. 2Futre4u

    Cup holders

    Our Model 3 has 6 cupholders, more than enough for me.
  5. 2Futre4u

    CT vs Cold Weather States

    I live in the Colorado Mountains 8000ft above sea level with a 2020 Dual motor Model 3 (AWD), we lost about 10-15% range last year. Our model 3 does not have the new octovalve (battery heater). The range loss was similar to the loss on our ICE vehicles as we have to prestart them to preheat...
  6. 2Futre4u

    5.5 Foot vs 6.5 Foot Bed

    6.5, I use my truck for truck things not for looks. I have 6'9" now and still wish it was like 3" longer, I fit a kids rzr in the bed but cant quite shut the tailgate...
  7. 2Futre4u

    Cybertruck premium audio

    Premium audio in the model 3 has 14 speakers a sub and 2 amps. It's the best system I have ever had.
  8. 2Futre4u

    Cybertruck premium audio

    Currently higher trim model thee comes with higher level audio.
  9. 2Futre4u

    Predictions for the top 3 Cybertruck exterior modifications

    Tires with mountain/snowflake rating Wheels Sliders Tint to stop all the eyes (our model three even makes everyone stare just imagine the CT) Winch
  10. 2Futre4u

    Dual Motor CT is estimated at 690 horsepower and 824 lb-ft torque

    And just think the 470 hp model 3 performance can stand side by side with a Hellcat, no wheel spin, amazing software and instant torque... think of what double that power will do...
  11. 2Futre4u

    Cybertruck 5th wheel RV home

    Make it into a toy hauler and Im in!
  12. 2Futre4u

    Cybertruck interior color and quality

    Same here, Im blown away with how nice the white interior looks, although I dunno If i would want it on my truck.
  13. 2Futre4u

    We're Giving Away Some Cybertruck Keychains (Contest Inside) [Winners Announced]

    I cant wait for no more gas (comparing our model 3 to my truck makes me cry) POWAH for days Bad-ass Sci-Fi styling that will hurt traditionalist brains Glass Rood Tailgate ramp 16 inches of clearence 35s stock.... I could go on for days.... CAN NOT WAIT!
  14. 2Futre4u

    Powerwall 2 in vault of Cybertruck...easy range upgrade.

    There are many high mileage Model S's/X's running around with 2-300,000 miles with only 3% of battery degradation.
  15. 2Futre4u

    Tesla Badge

    Brutalism = No Badge Everyone will know what it is. Less is more.
  16. 2Futre4u

    T-slots in bed of vault

    Guys they sell bed mats that work great, lets not reinvent the wheel here (More than the CT is already), like a 60$, lasts a lifetime, nothing slides, and rolls up if you don't want it there.
  17. 2Futre4u

    CyberTruck Hitch Camera?

    Model 3 Camera would work amazing for a hitch, so I'm guessing it will as well.
  18. 2Futre4u

    Powerwall 2 in vault of Cybertruck...easy range upgrade. Like the Model 3 rally!