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  1. Garden_Aum

    CT vs Cold Weather States

    I agree that physics dictates range, that is why I am interested in what they will present on battery day. I really hope that the CyberTrucks will have the latest in battery technology. We will all have to be zen-like in our wait.
  2. Garden_Aum

    Tesla's 700 Mile Battery Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

    I am really looking forward to battery day. I want to know what they will reveal and how much improvement they have made with battery technology.
  3. Garden_Aum

    Cybertruck Has a Texas Home! Musk Announces Gigafactory Texas For Cybertruck Production!

    Now the countdown begins. When will the first Cybertruck roll off out of the factory? When will we see one in the wild? How many accidents will be caused by people staring in amazement as the ignore the fact that the car ahead of them just stopped?
  4. Garden_Aum

    Smaller size outside US?

    There was talk about a follow-on to the cybertruck that would be smaller, but no other details have been provided. I imagine it would be the equivalent of a Ford Ranger. My best guess is we will have to wait until GigaBerlin and Texas are at full capacity before anything like that will be...
  5. Garden_Aum

    True Price of the Cybertruck

    It is still less expensive than a Model X and much more utilitarian. I hope you are saving for your down payment. I am going to try and have 1/2 of total cost to put down.
  6. Garden_Aum

    Ok if GM/Ford go under?

    I am not okay with them going under. Where would we get trucks to pull backwards with our Cybertrucks?
  7. Garden_Aum

    The Cybertruck is NOT a "Pickup Truck". So what is it?

    Did anyone watch Godzilla King of the Monsters? We should give the Cybertruck a similar title. How about Emperor of ALL Trucks? Also you get the super cool abbreviation of EAT (their lunch) which is exactly what it is going to do to all trucks and SUVs.
  8. Garden_Aum

    Report: Cybertruck Factory is headed to Austin Texas!

    I have been to Houston one time. I took the tour of the NASA facility; it was really cool.
  9. Garden_Aum

    Full Video: Cybertruck Featured on Jay Leno's Garage

    one step closer to reality. I really loved how much light there is in the interior. I also think the seats are really cool looking. The production version is going to be better than this prototype which means we will have the best vehicle ever produced.
  10. Garden_Aum

    Report: Cybertruck Factory is headed to Austin Texas!

    I really hope they build the Cybertruck in Austin, Texas. It would give me an excuse to visit Texas, attend Fully Charged Live, and take a tour of the factory. Austin is the one town in Texas that is culturally diverse enough to please all visitors.
  11. Garden_Aum

    Update: Cybertruck Full Self Driving (FSD) Option Now Costs $8K

    I am glad that I preorder with the FSD option. I do not know if I will use it that much; I really enjoy driving, but I wanted to make sure that I have the option to let the vehicle drive itself while on long distance road trips.
  12. Garden_Aum

    Engineering Explained: F-150 better than Cybertruck for towing duty (over distance)

    Does anyone know about a trailer that is aerodynamic and efficient with interior space utilization?
  13. Garden_Aum

    Engineering Explained: F-150 better than Cybertruck for towing duty (over distance)

    I know. I was really disappointed that battery day had to be delayed because of a global pandemic. It is probably the best excuse ever for not having a large gathering of people to talk about batteries, but I am with you on wanting to hear about the new battery technology and will the cybertruck...
  14. Garden_Aum

    Cybertruck confirmed specs / features list

    In addition to being strong, there will be less aerodynamic drag.
  15. Garden_Aum

    Cybertruck spotted filming for Jay Leno's Garage and accelerating in traffic (video)

    No Kidding. I want more footage of the Cybertruck in action....or at least a scale model toy of one that I can play with at home.
  16. Garden_Aum

    Plaid Cybertruck Is A Thing Says Musk!

    The different 'modes' are Spaceballs references. Check out the YouTube clip The modes go in the following order: Light speed Ridiculous speed Ludicrous speed Plaid
  17. Garden_Aum

    Is production timeline realistic?

    Rather than Texas, how about Nebraska? There is space, rail, interstate, and a pool of college graduates coming out of Lincoln that might want to be part of one of the best engineering firms of our lifetime. Just saying. Working for Tesla would be WAY better than watching corn and soy grow.
  18. Garden_Aum

    Tesla Quality

    Manufacturing has proved it can produce complex vehicles with few failures. Unfortunately, the pure ICE and the hybrids require a lot of maintenance to keep them performing flawlessly. I drive around 25K per year and as a result have to get my car services every couple of months. I believe the...
  19. Garden_Aum

    Will we need a jack...

    If there is a spare tire, where do you think they are going to store it? Or do you think they will just go with a tire repair kit and use the onboard compressor to re-inflate the tire until a replacement can be procured?
  20. Garden_Aum

    ICE Loss of Range While Towing

    80 MPH speed is definitely going to impact range. The next test will be to drive the same route with the Cybertruck with the same load and see if it has the same range limitations. If that is the case, then we can definitely assert that the range of the trimotor is comparable to the ICE you drove.