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  1. Teslaman

    Cybertruck production gets closer as Gigafactory Texas shifts to 24/7 construction

    Hope is good...still hope you are right..though doubts increase.
  2. Teslaman

    Engineering Explained: If Gas cars are banned, Can The Grid Handle Electric Cars?

    And, it all performs better with devices like Powerwalls. Not only do you have instant emergency power, but YOU are able to control when you buy and sell back to the grid. The newer Tesla cellpacks, could offer this type of VtG (vehicle to grid) option. Will be a brave new world.
  3. Teslaman

    Who's planning on a Cybertruck factory pickup / delivery

    Picked up my custom Model S in Fremont...Love to fly to Austin (great music town), do a Factory Tour, and head back to NorCal.
  4. Teslaman

    Charge sharing service-it's a million dollar idea

    Have both Tesla & 1772 chargers at my isolated NorCal location...listed on PlugShare. can always buy a bottle of wine.
  5. Teslaman

    Updated CyberTruck to be shown in a month or so says Musk!

    I am certainly hoping to deduct it...current winemobile
  6. Teslaman

    How many of u are holding or selling your tesla stock to buy a cybertruck on reservation day?

    > 1000 shares, will have no problem selling 90K worth early 2022 to cover tri-motor.
  7. Teslaman

    5:1 Tesla stock split

    All my TSLA in IRA, so no taxes until withdrawal....
  8. Teslaman

    5:1 Tesla stock split

    Got >200 shares of TSLA, soon to be >1000. Was tempted to take some profit (current cost basis <600)), but I want to see 2 things: The effect of the split, and the effect of the battery day announcement.
  9. Teslaman

    Is 4th Quarter 2021 a realistic delivery date for the Cybertruck?

    What’s a bottle of wine, when the outcome is positive, and I get to see the CyberTruck early?...BTW, you can recharge here..
  10. Teslaman

    Is 4th Quarter 2021 a realistic delivery date for the Cybertruck?

    Closer than the Bay, Kelseyville CA....somewhere around 38K, myself.
  11. Teslaman

    Will the CyberTruck be your First Tesla and/or Electric Vehicle?

    Cybertruck Trimotor will be my 4th EV. First was an 09 Prius that I had converted to a plug-in. Then a Chevy Volt. For the last 6.5 years have owned a Tesla Model S P85. Just keeps getting better.
  12. Teslaman

    Win a Free Tesla Trucker Hat Giveaway! [Contest Inside]

    Replacing Ford Explorer Sport Trac....for Tri-Motor......slight upgrade, but My other car is a Model S P85.
  13. Teslaman

    Tesla Quality

    An early adopter, have had my Model S for >5 years. Have been well taken care of by Tesla. The mobile service network is incredible. The one time my S required serious service (drive motor replacement) it was handled quickly, with a loaner S provided, all free.
  14. Teslaman

    Free Cybertruck from Tesla. I'm in

    Most of my 250 TSLA shares bought at <300, so my CyberTruck already paid for.
  15. Teslaman

    Cybertruck wishlist - options or ideas you'd like to see available?

    Wonder why they discontinued two internal chargers? I add miles at up to 54mi/hr. Perhaps, the capacitor deal with Maxwell with have an effect on charge rates.
  16. Teslaman

    Cybertruck wishlist - options or ideas you'd like to see available?

    Dual charger option...allowing for faster AC charging at home. Have this in my P85.
  17. Teslaman

    Cybertruck and Rivian Reservations?

    Right, though I am talking about dual chargers inside the vehicle, not dual charge ports. Unsure why they stopped offering this option.