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    Cybertruck (Orders) Demand Would Take 3-4 Years Production to Fulfill Says Musk

    I’m near 450,000th on the line. I won’t expect my CT til 2025. OK. Now will Tesla honor the original pricing? That’s the question.
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    Elon Confirmed: Cybertruck Colors Options Will Require Wrap

    One of the main reasons for putting a deposit down on this truck, and to me it IS a truck, nothing more, is that it's skin is chip proof, durable and needs only washing. Applied films look great for a little while but are susceptible to scratching, and wear from ordinary use. I doubt with...
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    Maybe Single motor is all you need?

    Cost was a major factor in my wanting a single motor. The low cost, the size of the truck and the affordable entry port in getting into a Tesla for $40,000 was my impetus. Understanding that a single motor is trouble in snow and ice reminds me that most commercial vehicles are RWD as are vans...
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    Analysis: Will Tesla Have to Delay Cybertruck Production / Launch?

    Are you kidding me? If this silly virus is still around by the time these CT's hit the streets, there won't be anyone left to drive them.
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    Tesla Cybertruck Render Imagines Changes Required To Reach Production

    Looks fine. But keep the stainless steel which is one of the reasons I like the CT. The durability and low maintenance of the stainless over paint (which Tesla has had issues with) is a plus. I figured that rear view mirrors, legal headlights and other accouterments would have to be made to...
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    Cybertruck May Be Gaining Acceptance With Construction Professionals / Contractors

    I drive for a living, a little over 30,000 miles annually. I want an efficient and reliable work vehicle that's durable, tough and can slog through mud at a job site, take muddy boots (with Weathertech floor mats) and haul tools, samples, and gear constantly. Has to be versatile in both...
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    Free Cybertruck from Tesla. I'm in

    I offered to get a CT for sone in field beta testing. So far, no reply.
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    Maybe Single motor is all you need?

    I ordered a single motor and live up north. A gamble certainly but with other 2WD vehicles up here, I’ll take the risk. Besides, the RWD CT will have traction control. And I can alter the order I think once Tesla actually gets around to building the damned things. That and there may be...
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    Cybertruck (Orders) Demand Would Take 3-4 Years Production to Fulfill Says Musk

    Well if it takes Tesla four to six years to make my single motor base truck, at least I’ll have a fighting chance that the bugs will be all ironed out of the CT. Problem is will I need if in that far in they future?
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    Tesla homepage for cybertruck pre-order is no longer available?

    450,000th on a very long line it seems with start of production still a year or more off. Not holding my breath.
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    Cybertruck (Orders) Demand Would Take 3-4 Years Production to Fulfill Says Musk

    Not surprised. However this may be an issue to Tesla having launched the CT to tumultuous success in initial feedback and hundreds of thousands of reservations netting millions of dollars, how many will decline these reservations once they know there’s a realistically three plus year wait...
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    Cybertruck (Orders) Demand Would Take 3-4 Years Production to Fulfill Says Musk

    I am not expecting to see my CT (near the bottom of the reservation list) for at least 5 years. I just hope Tesla will honor the pricing I reserved my CT at. Five years, inflation, and whatever will create an odd financial situation for Musk trying to make products with 5 or more year old...
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    Will Cybertruck production & delivery date move up due to Model Y acceleration?

    I did the math for my reservation, and at 50,000 units a year, I won't see my CT for eight or more years. I wonder if our pricing will remain as it was when ordered.
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    Cybertruck reservation order number -- how to tell your place in line

    If Tesla makes 50,000 units as promised annually, then my order will be ready in 8.7 years. Joy.
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    Video: Cybertruck being followed by Model X

    This was taken within the Tesla Design facility. I suspect it was taken by Tesla employees.
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    Ugly is only skin deep

    When Volkswagen ran it's successful marketing campaign for the Beetle, they took on the competition simply. The Tesla Cybertruck is similar in concept and individuality in that it is way outside the boundaries of anything yet built to date. I saw the similarities with the VW Beetle and the...
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    Cybertruck wrap / skins color previews -- aftermarket online configurator

    No thanks. One of the things that drew me to the CT was the stainless steel, maintenance free finish on the exterior. Scratches? Buff then out. Dirt washes off.
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    Cybertruck size comparisons against other vehicles

    The CT is certainly a long vehicle. Will need to squeeze it into my driveway when it comes along two and a half years from now.
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    Cybertruck may be on board SpaceX cargo mission to Mars in 2022

    I would rather Tesla focus on getting this truck to market than to Mars.
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    Cybertruck reservation order number -- how to tell your place in line

    436,202. I figure all the bugs will be worked out by then hopefully. CT- single motor (which is the last in line for the release - figures).