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  1. 3d printed cat

    Cybertruck easter egg in Tesla simulator image

    The turn lights are synced. We have some here in Indiana. Not sure why they do that other than clarity, but they do that.
  2. 3d printed cat

    Will Cybertruck put Tesla on the radar for the common man?

    In Indiana, people know about Tesla for the most part, most know they are EV, but everyone thinks they are still over $150k and that I’m crazy for wanting one.
  3. 3d printed cat

    States that love or hate the Cybertruck :)

    Sadly I’m in the minority for Indiana. I love the design but most people I talk to don’t hate the design. Maybe I surround myself in people that support my decisions or they actually don’t mind the design
  4. 3d printed cat

    Possible configurations

    Some updates
  5. 3d printed cat

    Possible configurations

    what kind of colors would you think there would be? do you think there would be patterns?(directly from Tesla)
  6. 3d printed cat

    Possible configurations

    Hey! I’m curious about opinions and guesses on what the configuration process could entail. This would be like colors if any, variations, and maybe if the ATV could be added