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  1. HoosierCampers

    Cybertruck Tire Size Options What Do You Choose?

    The topic of wheel tire/tire combo is one that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about. I’ll be towing our travel trailer far more often than going off road, so if given the option I’d choose an 18-20 inch wheel with E rated road tires. That said, I think that a truck’s personality is often...
  2. HoosierCampers

    Trailer options

    We’ve owned our Grand Design Imagine 2400BH for two years and have really enjoyed it. By the time I get my CT our kids will be too cool/busy (teenagers) to camp with Mom and Dad, so we’ll likely downsize to something around 25 ft.
  3. HoosierCampers

    Look how good Cybertruck looks with blacked-out bed top

    I watched the reveal again this afternoon and noticed the picture on the far right. Looks like the area that you’ve blacked out? Could this be access to the vault or additional storage? Haven’t seen any mention or speculation in other posts/forums.