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  1. CyberBC

    How will Cybertruck fare in mud-bogging?

    I was thinking this morning about how the Cyborghini is going to fair on my mountain driveway. I've got a fairly challenging layout with a big medium curve followed by a steep climb, finished with a 90 degree left turn onto another hill. As always, momentum is your friend. Both the curve and...
  2. CyberBC

    What will be Elon's "One more thing" moment at the reveal?

    I'm thinking it will be the trailer featured on the website. It will have range extending battery and make the Cybertruck into a hot shot vehicle to work with the semi in delivery services.
  3. CyberBC

    Elon's sick attachment will be the trailer.

    And a mount for Dishy McFlatface!
  4. CyberBC

    Elon's sick attachment will be the trailer.

    I was drooling on the Tesla website today and my eye kept returning to the photo of the stainless steel looking trailer in the Cybertruck section. It comes right before the Cyberquad. It is right in plain sight. Just off the top of my head I could see a lot of Tesla's tech being useful in a...
  5. CyberBC

    Import from US to Canada to save money

    I didn't finance and won't this time.
  6. CyberBC

    Import from US to Canada to save money

    I have been thinking the same. Have family in Austin as a bonus. I went down to Montana to get a quad and a tractor when our dollar was on par. Saved about 6K. The Arctic Cat dealers in the US were told not to sell to Canadians so as not to upset Canadian franchises, but I found one that would...
  7. CyberBC

    Who Else is Hoping for a Redesign for Wife's Acceptance?

    Bob, This was my favourite post on the entire site. Great discussions. I think there have been and will be marriage wars fought over the Cybertruck. I've been in one over a year now. To long a story for this site. Might write a book. With luck I borrowed some money last year outside the family...
  8. CyberBC

    Naming your CyberTruck

    My dream car was always a lamborghini countach. I am so excited to be getting a vehicle that is just as fast and can handle speed bumps (as well as tow our horse trailer). I am going with Bello. Or maybe Cyborghini...
  9. CyberBC

    The Perfect Truck

    Thank goodness we got our orders in. I think once people see and ride in this, and understand what it can do, sales will explode. (To Mars)
  10. CyberBC

    can the cybertruck use/work with 5th wheel trailers

    I tow a lot of goosenecks and you might just be ok on the flats but as soon as you hit a hill or valley watch out. With the pivot point being in the middle of the bed the back of the bed can get scraped from too much angle change. I've done some damage to trailers and trucks. It's good that...
  11. CyberBC

    Songs for the Cybertruck?

    I guess my new vanity plate will be appropriate.
  12. CyberBC

    I Think Cybertruck Manufacturing Run Will be Short Lived

    Thanks for the great replies. Let me add some specific assumptions I am making: 1) FSD Level 5 achieved 2) Multiple jurisdictions have supplied regulatory approval 3) Tesla moves all manufacturing to the production of Tesla fleet TAAS vehicles because the value of TAAS vehicles in Tesla fleet...
  13. CyberBC

    I Think Cybertruck Manufacturing Run Will be Short Lived

    2 things struck me when I read the article posted below. The thick stainless Steel on the Cybertruck is heavy and it will slow the manufacturing process because of the laser-cutting, bending and welding being much slower than stamping, which can be run at 50+ stamps per minute. Also, it would...
  14. CyberBC

    It is effing final. Elon said so himself! "Cybertruck doesn’t need a garage"

    Actually, looking at the shape, I am thinking remote warm the truck for 10 minutes then accelerate 10 feet, brake hard, then the snow will be off the front. Then one good burst of acceleration forward and all of the snow on the back is gone. No more snow brushing. 👍👍
  15. CyberBC

    It is effing final. Elon said so himself! "Cybertruck doesn’t need a garage"

    Being in the middle of the snow season right now, i am looking forward to pulling the snow off the cover with a broom rather than having to c!imb in the bed to shovel it out. Also with the V roof design I am hoping that will make getting the snow off the roof easier. I have a big dodge dually...
  16. CyberBC

    Does new "Structural "4680" battery tech make Cybertruck Exoskeleton Superfuluous?

    I assume that Elon and Company already had the plan to use the 4680 battery tech with the structural design on the drawing board when they designed the Cybertruck. It always seemed to me that the rectangular roof design and sails were more for roll-over protection and "toughness" rather than...
  17. CyberBC

    Cybertruck at the Ski Hill

    Hi All, I was just reading an article on what the ski resorts are doing this year regarding Covid and had a little day dream about a day at the hill with the Cybertruck. My wife and I load up the gear in the Vault, set a nice temperature to make sure the boots are nice and toasty when we...
  18. CyberBC

    Are the specs achievable?

    I'm with you Ty. I sold my Subaru and am ready to sell my Dodge 3500 as soon as I get the CT. It cost me $1,600 for a brake job just on the front today and they tell me the manifold gasket is leaking and the transmission gasket too, as well as needing an oil change. I feel for the mechanic...
  19. CyberBC

    Preparing your Spouse for Imminent Acceleration

    I think being able to take your pets along on trips in air conditioned/heated comfort is going to be game changer for a lot of wives, plus this one will be able to tow the horse trailer too!
  20. CyberBC

    Preparing your Spouse for Imminent Acceleration

    I don't know if it's just me, but I get in a lot of trouble when I stamp on the gas of my Turbo Subaru that does 0-60 in 5.7. I am planning ahead for what could happen with a 2.9. I am thinking of having a mission control sequence of some type. Maybe "Engaging warp speed in 3-2-1." Have any...