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  1. Hummer EV Pickup Teaser Video. Cybertruck rival?

    As a current Hummer owner, I can relate to the guy who likes the grill. Range will be the deciding factor for me.
  2. Will we need a jack...

    Sorry, it was rhetorical. There are no RFT Off Road load range E tires. Not that I can recall and not that my Google Assistant can find. All I'm getting at is that for some, maybe most? CT buyers, runflat may not be the best option. I'm very happy with the current suggested tire, very durable...
  3. Cybertruck is Eternal?... The last vehicle you ever need to purchase?

    I would be perfectly happy if it lasts as long as my 2006 Duramax LBZ. Best truck ever mass produced. Every other truck pales in comparisson including the 2005 Duramax and the 2007 Duramax. But this one should stand the test of time, if the electronics and batteries hold up.
  4. Will we need a jack...

    My point was there is no load range E off-road tire that is also RFT. If there is, please let me know. Thanks.
  5. Will we need a jack...

    Thanks David, what tire is load range E and off-road? I have never found one.
  6. Why the Cybertruck is Engineering Genius

    When my roof is covered with mud, it has been a good day lol.
  7. Will we need a jack...

    I have yet to find a suitable load range E off road tire that is runflat... I'm not sure why the hostility. I fully agree with you. There are some good replies here about how the air ride can be effectively used to minimize efforts and equipment needed.
  8. Poll: Are You Replacing an ICE Truck With Your Cybertruck?

    I was until I read the range estimates with a trailer. Now I am not.
  9. Will we need a jack...

    If the tires stay as Goodyear MT/R Kevlars, they are not RunFlat. Not only did you not answer the question, but you gave an anecdote that doesn't pertain... why?
  10. Cybertruck Tires

    Yes, E rated.
  11. Powerwall 2 in vault of Cybertruck...easy range upgrade.

    That's my plan, though 12 miles per gallon is almost as bad as the Nova I'll be towing. LOL
  12. Musk retweets P100D out-towing F-150 video: "Anymore excuses Ford? Imagine what the Cybertruck will do"

    Though true, you could see the Ford smoking all 4 tires as the Tesla pulled it backwards... no further test is actually required because the specs speak for themselves... more hp, more tq, flat curves and traction. It's not Rocket Appliances.
  13. Cybertruck Spotted Testing Tonight in LA! [Updated With Video]

    They're Goodyear Wrangler MTR Kevlars. Same as I run on my rock crawler.
  14. Cyberquad ATV will be available at Cybertruck launch

    I'll take one. Unless the price and range is reasonable, then I'll take 2.
  15. Cybertruck Tires

    They're great, I switched to them after 1 too many side wall tears on rocks and cacti. Off-road: very grippy, air down well and the carcass is very strong. The Kevlar seems to be the ticket. No complaints at all. On-Road: Quite for an aggressive tire and very maneuverable. Easy to balance and...
  16. Tesla RN number... Cybertruck only, or any Tesla?

    So, I don't know why, but I figured they'd email me my RN number. I got a tri motor the morning after the reveal. But I didn't record my RN. Can I find it somewhere?
  17. Cybertruck Tires

    The one that was unveiled has the same tires as my Hummer rock crawler, they are Goodyear Wrangler MTR Kevlar