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  1. ☀️ New Cybertruck tonneau patent mentions potential use as Solar Panel

    I really hope this solar charging becomes a reality - with my commute, I'd never have to plug the thing in.
  2. TSLA Took a big dump today! WOW!

    DOGE is doing a nice bounce as of about 10 minutes ago though, so that's cool.
  3. Where does Elon take it from here?

    I'd like to see the continuation of the Cyber theme across other vehicle classes. The CT is significantly bigger than what I currently drive - and I'm ok with the increase, but I'm also aware it's going to be harder to park. If Tesla makes something in the same style a bit closer to the size of...
  4. Auto suppliers group urges slow transition to electric vehicles

    We don't need to be subsidizing cartwrights and blacksmiths just because horseless carriages have started to take over the market.
  5. Window breakers (to escape drowning) would they work on a ct?

    Musk said the CT was going to float - so you probably won't need that anyway.
  6. Rumor: Tesla working with 3M to custom wrap Cybertruck from the factory

    I could see putting some vinyl decals on mine to make it look like the M35 Mako from Mass Effect. Got my own vinyl plotter so cost would be practically free for me.
  7. Concerned about safety when driving your Cybertruck?

    Not worried at all. I'm in Dallas. We're already used to things with the cyberpunk aesthetic, with all the new buildings we're putting up here that are covered in LEDs. And Dallas, as we all know, is in Texas, which means anyone with an inclination to test the bulletproof attribute of the...
  8. The sweet sound of an engine

    I won't miss engine noise at all. Get me a mod for my cybertruck that makes it sound like a TIE fighter though, and we'd be on to something.