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  1. Cybertruck UI Patent Shows Off Cool Details & Features, Including Camp Kitchen! 🍽

    SO EXCITED FOR THIS. Really the whole UI is impressive. Driving this truck and using it for offroading/hauling/loading/backing is going to be unlike any other.
  2. F150 Lightning Predictions

    Bingo. Considering that the CT has variable suspension, and more clearance overall, why would you ever choose the Lightning? And lets talk about range. Someone else mentioned the truck aerodynamics of the F150 . This is a huge factor and most likely the reason the F150 range wont ever match the...
  3. TSLA Took a big dump today! WOW!

    Today it bounced at 550ish. I agree that if it breaches 539 it could continue falling. My hope is for this multi-month down trend to reverse itself before that happens...which will depend on some GOOD news coming out. (Possible good news being a less-than spectacular F150 reveal tonight.) I...
  4. TSLA Took a big dump today! WOW!

    As did I. The stock feels oversold in the short term. Also there was news today of a new Big Short on TSLA...hoping this will drive some more mania that might cause another short squeeze. Who knows?