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  1. A More Useful Frunk

    Agree. Ford did a great job.
  2. New Tundra

    It's okay to say nothing or even "I don't know enough about this topic to have an opinion." Toyota started the electric push. Prius? Maybe you've heard of it. They might not have been the first, but they got that foot in our door and we welcomed it.
  3. Cybertruck delayed; writing is on the wall.

    ...he is too negative for this group? Or he isn't a simp? He is looking for a place to express himself and voice his opinion. Grow up participant trophy.
  4. Anyone else have their FSD option now say $8k?

    What I've proven is that they have made false statements before so I wouldn't be surprised if they do so in the future. I've had FSD as long as I've had my Tesla and yes features come and go, however "summon: your parked car..." was not available prior to or during March of 2019. People...
  5. Anyone else have their FSD option now say $8k?

    I found this for you. Parking lot summon was being sold as a feature to FSD in March of 2019. It was not available until Sept. 2019. Petty, but still false/misleading advertising.
  6. Anyone else have their FSD option now say $8k?

    Crissa are you new to Tesla? This wouldn't be the first time they advertised false statements with FSD. I have a screen shot buried somewhere from mid last year where they advertised that FSD was capable of navigating on city streets.. not that it will but that it was. Or when Elon said that by...
  7. Anyone else have their FSD option now say $8k?

    So we can't lock in the price...
  8. Offer to buy Tri-Motor After Delivery

    I'm sure its not supported, but if you go into your account the name can be anyones
  9. Offer to buy Tri-Motor After Delivery

    They should concentrate in heartland America first. Tesla already has a foot print in the big cities, show the country this beautiful work horse.
  10. Offer to buy Tri-Motor After Delivery

    Value the most... definitely not CA if this is true. Truck country baby!! I would assume resv number would play a role some how. Imagine some asshat that preorders today getting it before those that preordered on launch day. That would be some bitchbslap to the face. Similar to Tesla increasing...
  11. Offer to buy Tri-Motor After Delivery

    What is the point of a reservation number if it means nothing? I understand tri (which I have) has seniority, but after that what could be a determining factor?
  12. Why Tri-Motor??

    Military correct. Had a house while on recruiting duty. In my encounters its charger location, speed, cost, ... service hasn't been mentioned by anyone that has shown interest. Us military like nice cars.
  13. Why Tri-Motor??

    Worry about it more than we should? Do you have a tesla and have you driven extended distance? My Tesla takes 39% charge to get to the nearest charger... When I had to move and had no place to charge. I had to drive over an hour away to charge and have barely any distance left to do errands and...
  14. Offer to buy Tri-Motor After Delivery

    I hope to have that kind of money one day lol
  15. Offer to buy Tri-Motor After Delivery

    People were selling the Corvette C8 for $50k mark up. And still a 10k to 20k markup. I would say this is a more anticipated vehicle and will take years before inventory can meet demand. Also only about 90k model Ys were pre-ordered.
  16. Offer to buy Tri-Motor After Delivery

    Thats cool. Website suggests March 2022 delivery. And 9000ish spot because I'm tri motor. Fingers crossed. This post has me tempted. How much do you think my spot is worth 🤔 😆
  17. Offer to buy Tri-Motor After Delivery

    How do we know what spot we are? I. 112776118. I bought the night for reveal.
  18. FSD will get $2k price increase 10/29

    Dear lord.... I just updated mine. I can always remove it. I have it for my Model 3 and it isn't worth it... but I'm hopeful. I really hope I didn't move my location in the Q. Upgraded from dual to triple. May Musk have mercy on my soul.