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  1. Snuups

    Airless Tires For Offroad?

    Tests showed that the ride is not superb yet with Tweels. The fore and back movement can't be compensated yet. So we habe to wait. Non street usable offroad tires have basically no market.
  2. Snuups

    Cybertruck may become the first Tesla able to vehicle-to-grid power your house

    I also have solar solar on the roof. 30 kWhp. I did not choose the power walls because they are way too expensive. We estimate the cyber truck having a 200 kWh battery. That equals 15 Powerball's. For 120.000 you can buy 2 CTs! There is no point in buying a powerwall at all.
  3. Snuups

    Plaid Cybertruck Is A Thing Says Musk!

    You can't have enough battery.
  4. Snuups

    Plaid Cybertruck Is A Thing Says Musk!

    I'll buy the one with the largest battery and range. VTG is also a point I am highly interested in.
  5. Snuups

    Plaid Cybertruck Is A Thing Says Musk!

    Maybe it will be a four motor design. In harsh off road conditions that makes sense.
  6. Snuups

    will Bitcoin be accepted as a form of payment?

    I don't think so. Cryptos are quite far away replacing FIAT. I have a lot of Crypto Coins. For trade this is not really usable right now. It might take time for it or it may never happen. For sure it is a nice hobby and it's possible to gain or to loose real money with it. I am not saying that...
  7. Snuups

    Is there value in your early reservation

    All questions asked can be answered: No.
  8. Snuups

    1:2 Scale Cybertruck Build Completed. Out Tugs a F-150 :)

    You'd be King of Currywurst in no time with such an action.
  9. Snuups

    How many are buying CT that DONT actually NEED a truck?

    I don't Need a PU. I am more the station wagon guy. But the CT is versatile enough for me to buy it.
  10. Snuups

    Poll: Which CYBRTRK configuration(s) did you pre-order, if at all

    Most people would order the dual Motor 800 km Version.
  11. Snuups

    Where will Cybertruck be produced?

    Europe probably not. Pickups are extremly rare in Europe. It is the least popular car section here.
  12. Snuups

    Petition Elon for Dually

    Wheel motors aut of question. You just dont want that mass without suspension. That will cause a super shitty ride. Beside that theese kind of cars are pretty much US maket only.
  13. Snuups

    Why the Cybertruck is Engineering Genius

    Dirt on top of the car? When your roof is covered with mud you have different Problems. Right. Rear view cameras work quite well. But as a replacement for a rear view Mirror the requirements are vastly larger. The schmutz Problem can be solved by mounting the camera further Forward.
  14. Snuups

    Petition Elon for Dually

    Shure they could. But they won't. CT is a mass market product. For dual tires on the rear axle there is not enough demand. If Tesla builds für this market it will be based on the Semi construction.
  15. Snuups

    Why the Cybertruck is Engineering Genius

    The rear view camera migt be mounted in front of the bed closure unter the glass roof. than there is no issue with snow and dirt.
  16. Snuups

    Versatility? This ain't a truck.

    And if Tesla can sell and produce more than 100'000 Units a year there will be plenty of accessoires. My guess is that Tesla might sell up to 250'000 Units a year.
  17. Snuups

    Versatility? This ain't a truck.

    Fur us Europeans a truck is a large transport vehicle from a 3.5 ton lorry to a 40 ton truck. What you call a truck is just a pickup. Nothing more, nothing less. Lazyness made the Name. Truck is shorter to say then Pickup. Seeing how pickups are generally used no. But there will be prople who...
  18. Snuups

    Does anyone know the life expectancy of the Tesla Model S and the Cybertruck?

    Model S 1'000'000 Miles (Car) CT 2'000'000 Miles (car) Current batteries might have to be changed once or twice. A dead battery is not a totaled car. Life expectency For the Long Range Model S is around 500'000 km. Degradation below 30 %. But it is as it is. If you stress your battery it won't...
  19. Snuups

    NO SIDE MIRRORS (Side View Cameras Instead)

    Well, they are changing all the time. So noting is fixed in there. Everything can be changed at any time.
  20. Snuups

    Charging options while camping

    Bjørn Nyland 24 hours in a Model 3