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  1. Battery Replacement

    Future, not current designs. When this is possible and practice, you will think back and be amazed. Don’t let facts and figures get in the way with passion. 😀
  2. Delivery

    only $100… apparently you do not know how much of a cheapskate I am. 👍
  3. Delivery

    Order now, 2025-6 ish as a more wild than scientific guess.
  4. Battery Replacement

    I said future. I envision battery array dropped, diagnostic done one each cell and only out of tolerance replaced. Cost determinate per cell. Epoxy can be cored if designed to do so. No, I do not think this is a cell phone battery replacement. Although, we could mount a power wall in the...
  5. Battery Replacement

    Replacing a single or a few cells compared to the whole array may be more advantageous in the future.
  6. Will Future Teslas Have Lasers For Wipers, Among Other Patented Innovations?

    I anticipate a physical wiper system will be added whether lasers makes its way in or not. I want them for bragging rights. caveat: any and all posts are opinion, I am not in the know. I will often create conspiracies and am on the outside guessing. But… Los Angeles orders will be filled first!
  7. Mustang Mach-E Real World Range (Big problem)

    The information feels too preliminary for actual results. Suggest a touch of patience before we agree the sky is falling.
  8. Automation craziness, non-ct related grill cleaner Seriously, a robotic grill cleaner for the barbecue? “Mr Bilbao Baggins, enough is enough.” Slips on ring of power and goes invisible. watch the video for entertainment fun.
  9. Cybertruck Plaid

    Single motor = girlfriend/boyfriend (whatever your interest) Two motor = spouse Tri = mistress/whatever male equivalent is called.
  10. A Song For When You're Between Teslas

    I did a quick search for used Teslas Locally, a used 21 model 3, long range, pearl white, black interior standard rims, no FSD. Being offered at 56,660 Apparently, the dealership did not look what the brand new ones go on the site. I thought BEVs were supposed to lose their value
  11. Tesla’s Growth could be Headed for a U-Turn

    Sell, sell, seeelllll…for a loss. ignore me and some friends buying. Not that it matters, I’m bullish for up to end of next year.
  12. 4860 wild ___ speculation

    Oh, the original will stay in the family, everything becomes my son’s eventually. 😀 I am banking the truck will not only last but also increase with classic value
  13. 4860 wild ___ speculation

    I anticipate buying a newer CT (hover CT) when the time comes over retrofitting previous model if the current battery is within operational limits. if the early discusion remains at on million mile expectancy, I plan a personal use at 50%. Which means, if my son wants the truck, it will remain...
  14. 4860 wild ___ speculation

    The battery I want: million mile rated High capacity/range cost efficient to produce and use safe quick and safe to charge and efficient to get me to 60 in seconds (and turn off insurance monitoring) what I don’t want bringing the truck in to repair/replace battery delays in my CT delivery...
  15. Shouldn't have to worry for Cybertruck

    Tap gently with back side of a small ball peen hammer. Solves the problem and they will thank you for it.
  16. Making the case for side rearview mirrors...

    Without the mirrors, it is easier to pretend your hand/arm is an airplane in the wind
  17. ROCC for Cybertruck

    I did say, I may be wrong. Cheers
  18. Tesla plans to put Insurance, FSD subscription directly into smartphone app

    My concern is not with insurance. My concern is with FSD becoming a monthly service. As to monthly subscriptions, I did drop cable. Electricity Gas Water Trash Cell phone x3, couple cell watches Internet Home Insurance Car Insurance x3 Life Insurance x2 Hulu + no commercials + local TV Netflix...