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  1. crimsonaudio

    Ford Will Crush Tesla With Electric F-150, Jim Cramer Says

    I'm not suggesting Ford will out-tech Tesla - no one will in the nearish future - but brand and tradition loyalty will allow Ford to sell a ton of lesser vehicles. Wait and see. People buy crappy vehicles every day - just look at how many Jeeps and Chryslers you see daily. Both unbelievably...
  2. crimsonaudio

    Ford Will Crush Tesla With Electric F-150, Jim Cramer Says

    Yup. And I assume most here feel that way. But I'm also betting more folks will want to stick with traditional styling. They'll sati's about the frunk, or the V2G/V2H option, or whatever, but for a lot of people it will be about looking like a 'truck'.
  3. crimsonaudio

    Ford Will Crush Tesla With Electric F-150, Jim Cramer Says

    Most people are traditionalists, the CT doesn't really appeal to traditionalists.
  4. crimsonaudio

    Ford Will Crush Tesla With Electric F-150, Jim Cramer Says

    I would not be surprised one bit if Ford (long term) sells more Lightnings than Tesla does CTs. Many (most) people aren't comfortable with new, they want the same old, same old, which Ford offers in spades. Does that equal Ford 'crushing' Telsa? Haha, no.
  5. crimsonaudio

    Model S Plaid Delivery Event

    And the southeast...
  6. crimsonaudio

    They plan to take-over Tesla

    And Musk's ~20% ownership in TSLA stock is worth some $115b on paper. Millionaires may as well be 'thousandairs' in comparison.
  7. crimsonaudio

    Hoping for a Cybertruck update June 10
  8. crimsonaudio

    It is effing final. Elon said so himself! "Cybertruck doesn’t need a garage"

    I'll almost certainly park my CT in the garage. First, I have the space, so why not, and second, in the summer the difference in cabin air temp being in the shade vs full sun can be pretty severe here in the south.
  9. crimsonaudio

    New study expects at least 215,000 jobs to be wiped out in the German auto industry by 2030

    Somehow, despite all the innovation and efficiency that companies have added throughout the last couple of centuries (since the industrial revolution) there are still plenty of jobs. Workers have to be malleable and learn new skills if they work in an industry where they are displaced by more...
  10. crimsonaudio

    Modular camper pod makes F-150 or Cybertruck a 4-season adventure rig

    And your COG. Almost any off-camber runs and you're gonna wish you didn't have it when your rig starts to tip. Heck, I know guys who regret mounting RTTs, much less this behemoth...
  11. crimsonaudio

    Full size spare tire

    Good point - especially considering I've not had a flat in over a decade, and that includes quite a bit of off-roading.
  12. crimsonaudio

    Full size spare tire

    Be nice if there is room in the frunk.
  13. crimsonaudio

    Real range on Lightning better than CT dual motor!?

    Ditto, and I beat on mine off-roading. Still haven't had a flat in over a decade, despite all kinds of rocks, branches, etc...
  14. crimsonaudio

    Elon Musk suggests Cybertruck is not happening this year

    Yup - while I'd love to have it yesterday, I'm hoping to have our house paid off and therefore be debt-free by the time my number comes up for the CT. Paying cash for cars rules.
  15. crimsonaudio


    Could be GVW (including the CT).
  16. crimsonaudio

    Cybertruck colors are coming, including matte black

    Probably just a vinyl wrap, which I can't understand with a SS exterior, but to each their own.
  17. crimsonaudio

    Tesla canceled my solar roof

    Interesting - is that a new policy? My parents had their system installed earlier this year with LG panels and a Powerwall.
  18. crimsonaudio

    Tire size?

    Oh yeah, there's a reason I run KO2s on my trucks.