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  1. Adamtbest

    What would prevent your purchase?

    Price. For example if a report came out steel prices are up and now the Cybertruck is $10k more.
  2. Adamtbest

    NJRE pointing out the obvious, yet so many people IRL are deliberately ignorant!!!

    My guess is, I could be right or wrong. That Ford made the Lightning cool by having it behind the President when he was talking about the Gov. building EV charging stations. When Transportation Department talks about EVs bringing new jobs, there is a picture of the Ford Lightning. Also...
  3. Adamtbest

    Will it Fit in My Garage or a Standard Parking Space?

    The Cybertruck maybe will fit in your garage. It depends. According to what specs I can find. They Cybertruck is 231.7 inches long, and 75 inches high. I guess I have a deeper than normal garage. The Cybertruck will fit but the front bumper will probably touch my work bench. I've measured...
  4. Adamtbest

    Hoping for a Cybertruck update June 10

    Hopeful for a Cybertruck update. Probably get a roadster or something updat.
  5. Adamtbest

    What music / songs will you blast on day 1 of Cybertruck ownership?

    I already have it planned out. When I pick my Cybertruck up from the Tesla store. I have to get my blue tooth setup there and I'm going to drive off listening to the song "America, F*ck yeah" from Team America world police. Mostly rock, right now in my Chevy I have Sirius XM and I listen to...
  6. Adamtbest

    Cybertruck vs F-150 Lightning vs Rivian R1T - Timing, Pricing, Range, Performance Comparison

    My goal is to keep the CT for a decade or longer. I need a vehicle that will last 200k+ miles. I don't drive as much as I did a few years ago, but I still put a lot of miles on a car.
  7. Adamtbest

    Fuel Prices Rising?

    People are jumping on electric vehicles. Which is a cool thing. Where I'm getting this from is for the fun of it. I check Carvana, in the search window I type in "Electric". For the longest time, there might be a few electric cars here or there on hold or in the buying process. Now, only the...
  8. Adamtbest

    CT in a video game

    My daughter plays the game RoadBlox. In one of the RoadBlox games you can buy a CT. My daughter let me drive the CT, it doesn’t look that bad with mirrors.
  9. Adamtbest

    [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS] "White House considers vehicle mileage tax to fund infrastructure"

    In Ohio, I know I will have to pay a $200 EV fee for my vehicle renewal. It's been explained to me that's about the same as tax on 10 gallons of gas a week. If I understand the proposal of you get taxed for every mile you drive. I easily but 13,000 miles a year on a car. Probably more. One...
  10. Adamtbest

    Kentucky here!

    I'm in Cincinnati, Ohio and work in Northern Kentucky. My Cybertruck will spend a lot of time in Kentucky. You're a little more south than I am.
  11. Adamtbest

    Songs for the Cybertruck?

    I plan on driving off the Tesla lot blaring Team America Theme song - America F*ck yea!
  12. Adamtbest

    What steering wheel would you like to see?

    Personally I want a regular steering wheel.
  13. Adamtbest

    I am not a truck guy, but i want the Cybertruck....should I get it?

    I’m not a truck guy either. I like trucks but they are gas guzzlers. I say go for it! it’s a truck that is cheaper to operate than a gas car. I live in an area where there are a lot of pickups and I like that the Cybertruck will stand out in the crowd.
  14. Adamtbest


    Sometimes people are worse than rats.
  15. Adamtbest

    Get a tri-motor or wait another year?

    TriMotor is to expensive for me. I’ll have to wait. If this is the case.
  16. Adamtbest

    Cybertruck deliveries based on progress of Giga Texas

    My estimated delivery date is currently 2023. Hopefully it doesn't push people that made later reservations like me back even more. I'm ok with waiting, I can save up more for a down payment. If we get to much into 2024 that could be a problem because I told my daughter she practice driving...
  17. Adamtbest

    EV haters in EV threads are now called "ICE Trolls"

    I’m glad I’m not alone in feeling hate towards EVs. Some people just want to argue and fight about my excitement with EVs. I come to the conclusion they are just noise. I hope someday I can pull them out of the mud or help them with my Cybertruck.
  18. Adamtbest

    EV haters in EV threads are now called "ICE Trolls"

    I used to be an adventure like you, until I took an arrow to the knee. I like the term ICE trolls. It’s fitting. I’m going to use that from now on.
  19. Adamtbest

    Cybertruck Will Distill Water, Hints Musk!

    Everyone is missing the real reason. Cybertruck Kentucky addition, distilling moonshine. Lol Give you something to drink at the campsite.