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  1. Building contractor & Ford Pickup owner says Cybertruck should be better work truck than Lightning

    Haven't watched the video but as a construction worker I 100% agree that, in general, the CT will be a better work truck for all the reasons you posted and more.
  2. What would prevent your purchase?

    It has a 6ft bed that's expandable to 8ft.
  3. What would prevent your purchase?

    Bollinger increases range to 500mi and lowers price to $40,000 while keeping the current design...
  4. Hovering/Floating Cybertruck???

    I just noticed that the brake light is showing the charge percentage like the Rivian! Hopefully the headlights do this as well.
  5. Cybertruck Event [SPECULATION]

    I believe that Tesla will probably(>30%) have another CT event with the updated design. While the livestream wasn't the worst thing in the world, there is so much more information about the truck that we don't know including what's new and old(there were rumors that the event ended way too soon...
  6. Center console/seat: who got it right?

    The flipping gear selector is a solution to a problem that Ford created in the first place. Just put it back on the steering rack or put it around the start button like Dodge. That aside... While I do prefer a full center console, I would still buy one with the center seat as it's more useful.
  7. Cybertruck spotted inside Tesla Gigafactory Texas

    EM said during q4(?) ir call that they would would lucky to get a few out to people by end of year. They will probably start production but won't deliver, at least not to regular consumers.
  8. Cybertruck Spotted in NYC! [Street Video Added]

    This is in the middle iirc
  9. CyberTruck production start date = April 2022

    I 100% agree with this but articles for Tesla's "demand problem" were par for the course.
  10. CyberTruck production start date = April 2022

    2018 stock analysts want to know your location.
  11. Cybertruck delayed; writing is on the wall.

    Elon Musk has said that CT is a top priority. He also said that the design is finalized so this would be hard to believe.
  12. Dashboard colour update in Gig Texas photos

    It was white last year on Jay Leno's Garage. Regarding material, it's compressed recycled paper iirc.
  13. FSD and passing on highway

    Navigate on autopilot does this iirc
  14. GMC Hummer EV undergoes rigorous winter testing, SUV gets unveil date

    /s means sarcasm. I was making a joke saying that the Hummer can't really be used for work, at least neither of my jobs would play well due to lack of space in the bed. Same with the Rivian.
  15. GMC Hummer EV undergoes rigorous winter testing, SUV gets unveil date

    WAIT WAIT WAIT. I thought this was the SUV version. /s
  16. Purchase Sight Unseen...?

    I will be waiting until there's a show truck at a Tesla store near me.
  17. Ventilated Seats in Cybertruck

    Hopefully they will start adding more options to the Model 3/Y like was planned (Suspension, 100kw battery, etc.)
  18. Will CyberTruck get the Yoke Steering

    Considering the prototype had it, I would assume so.