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  1. Tesla Cybertruck beats F-150 Lightning and Hummer EV in US electric truck survey

    Please elaborate re: Also, I think Elon has compromised the safety of people in this truck Thanks
  2. Elon: Cybertruck will not have door handles!

    ...or, maybe Musk is just fucking with us.
  3. ICE proposed EOL 2035

    The TaaS will take much longer to arrive in more rural areas, and for truly rural Taas won't ever work. These folks will need CT's or at least EV's, because gas stations and mechanics will be increasingly fewer and farther apart. You'll start to see them disappearing in major cities first, and...
  4. ICE proposed EOL 2035

    GnarlyDudeLive - I agree with you. If I remember correctly, the Rethink chaps estimated that the average cost to own an ICE is $15k per year, and they estimate autonomous EV TaaS will cost $1-2k per year. So, one tenth of the cost. In studying disruptive technologies, they claim that there has...
  5. ICE proposed EOL 2035

    Rethink -X (a think tank spun out from Stanford) produced a white paper in 2017, Rethink Transportation, that predicts a massive disruption similar to the way autos disrupted the horse and buggy. It might only take 12 years because the cost of transport will drop by more than 90% with autonomous...
  6. Tesla Quality

    I bought an immaculate 2013 Model S six months ago with 33k miles on it, and am overall very happy with it. My Range Rover HSE certainly has better coachwork and finish, and it's true that on some of the early cars the alignment of body panels, such as the hatchback door on mine, is not as...
  7. Should Tesla Even Bother Making The Lower Priced Cybertruck Models

    With an order book as over-subscribed as the Cybertruck, should Tesla bother making the lower-cost models. Supply/demand suggests they could cancel all the non tri-motor orders and move my particular order up from 444,000 to number 007! Obviously I'm frustrated I was late to the party, but...