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  1. JJ_Tex

    Ford Will Crush Tesla With Electric F-150, Jim Cramer Says

    I'm not buying from some liberal California company :) BTW - I would like to point out that as a Texas resident, it would be hard to buy a more American/Texan car than the CT since it is an American company, built in Texas, powered by energy produced in the state. No other truck maker can say...
  2. JJ_Tex

    From hopeful to anxious to upset in the course of several weeks of rain

    And if it makes you feel better, the spring rains will dry up soon as we are into summer. Barring any hurricanes you should not see too many more rain delays until the fall.
  3. JJ_Tex

    Does the Delivery Situation in Texas Affect Country-wide Delivery?

    Yep, pretty stupid to have absurd laws that impact a company spending $billions in your state and employing thousands of people. We are usually very business friendly which has contributed tremendously to our economy and property values aver the last 5-10 years. It is disappointing to hear we...
  4. JJ_Tex

    Does the Delivery Situation in Texas Affect Country-wide Delivery?

    I bet we have 30 Teslas in our neighborhood and they didnt all have to go out of state to buy. When talking to one of them they said their purchase was handled as an "online out of state" transaction at the Tesla dealer vs being sold directly through the local TX Tesla dealers. Once their car...
  5. JJ_Tex

    Tesla Boats/Watercraft?

    Heck, might as well shell out a cool $600k so you can enjoy your boat for 4 total hours. :ROFLMAO: I'm still rooting for someone to figure it out. Saving $ on maintenance would be another huge benefit since there is no such thing as a cheap maintenance item on a boat.
  6. JJ_Tex

    Tesla Boats/Watercraft?

    I googled and while there are some makers, they either fall into the category of severely under powered (like the 5 hp small boat posted above) or they are way too expensive ($200k) for the normal recreational boater. Seems like Tesla or another EV maker could seize the opportunity to do it...
  7. JJ_Tex

    Tesla Boats/Watercraft?

    We took out the boat and jetski this weekend and it struck me that those would be perfect candidates for EVs. They do not get used more than a few hours at a time, you have plenty of time in between uses to recharge, you generally store them in locations with electricity already, the...
  8. JJ_Tex

    AMD adds Tesla as a customer after winning over the PC market

    Cool, and they are headquartered in Austin not too far from the gigafactory.
  9. JJ_Tex

    CyberTrailer for the Cybertruck. This is how I will roll.

    That is the most 'merica looking thing I have ever seen from the Netherlands. Paint a flag and a bald eagle on it, and you would fit right in here. Good luck.
  10. JJ_Tex

    Cybertruck Size & Inconsiderate people

    My head hurts after reading this post and I hope it is a poor attempt at humor. I'm licensed to carry a firearm, and you do not have the right mentality and maturity to carry. A firearm is to only be used as a last resort to prevent death or serious harm to someone. Using it as any other...
  11. JJ_Tex

    F150 Lightning Predictions

    I put in my $100 for a pre-order as well. I figure I will make a decision next year based on final price, delivery date, etc. I am annoyed that you had to pick a local dealership in the pre-order. I already received a text and a video message from Richard telling me he will give me a call...
  12. JJ_Tex

    Model 3 while I wait for cybertruck

    I would love it if Tesla had creative lease options for those with CT pre-orders. They could let you lease a model 3/Y, with a clause that you can terminate your lease when you take delivery of your CT. That will help people like me who were late to the pre-orders, and patience with the...
  13. JJ_Tex

    F150 Lightning Predictions

    Interesting. Will they also be doing refundable pre-orders, similar to the CT?
  14. JJ_Tex

    Renting a Tesla?

    Woohoo. After searching quite a bit I found a kayak rental place that is taking advantage of the rental car shortage and has a Model Y that I was able to rent.
  15. JJ_Tex

    New Tundra

    I live by the Toyota North America HQ and when I drove by last night they had a teaser on their LED sign on their building teasing the new Tundra. Has anyone heard anything about it and if it will have an EV option? I personally have always liked the looks of the Tundra, but have been...
  16. JJ_Tex

    Renting a Tesla?

    Thanks. There are tons available in the Dallas area, but nothing currently in the Whitefish, MT area for pickup/drop off at the airport. If I cant get a Tesla on Turo/another site, there are some cool looking Jeeps and other cars available that would be fun.
  17. JJ_Tex

    Renting a Tesla?

    I'm taking a trip to Montana this summer and there is a severe rental car shortage and I'm not able to get a reservation through the traditional car rental companies. My plan B is to rent a car through Since I have only peen a passenger in a Tesla, I figured I would try and rent one...
  18. JJ_Tex

    Paying cybertruck with credit

    That is not true, Tesla would be the one having to pay the merchant fees, which could be $1,000+ if you put the full CT on a credit card. That is why many car dealers and other large purchases usually have a max amount that they will put on your card. Nobody has mentioned a published policy...
  19. JJ_Tex

    Rumor: CT's spotted on their way to cold weather testing site

    It is right next to a missile base, so clearly they are testing out the missile launcher feature... duh.