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  1. Do not like smaller, more level Cybertruck?

    no, i don’t like the smaller version of it. i’m in cali but i need bulky one. we have too many prius here…
  2. Good roll up vid of changes / tweaks since launch...

    i don’t like handless. reason is at some point, you car just become very hard to open, like a crash or freezing cold, and pulling a handle is just more reliable to win the game and save your loved ones from inside. As for the glass, it’s almost impossible to break out.
  3. When to install the garage charger for your CT

    Anyone starts doing that? I plan to install it EOY.
  4. Range reduction when towing.

    basic physics is energy = mass * force * distance. so towing more means mass becomes larger, energy cost will become larger. but battery is same, so distance has to be smaller.
  5. Range reduction when towing.

    how much range reduces when I tow with cybertruck, let's say im towing 5000lb. for a traditional truck, I know when I tow something heavy, my mpg reduces a lot. I think this should be same on cybertruck right? Do you want to use cybertruck to tow? how much you tow usually?
  6. Do not like smaller, more level Cybertruck?

    1. I want a raked center line. 2. I want bigger truck. I like how the “old” cybertruck looks. don’t like change. reply and up me if you feel the same way. @Elon come and see what we’re saying right here.