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  1. Updated CyberTruck to be shown in a month or so AFTER WE GET THE 8000 TON CASTING MACHINE RUNNING!

    When Musk promises "In a month or so", I expect the time be never "a month" but rather "so" or even "so-so" 🤢
  2. Found a great EV power/charging solution

    For the 14-50R connector with 50A nominal current the recommended load is 80% or 40A. And the breaker protecting from overheating rated 50A
  3. Is there a pick up style tesla truck coming out? What is this I see sometimes when I look up images?

    No. It is not a Tesla truck. The rear view mirrors are of the size of cargo bed.
  4. Found a great EV power/charging solution

    I would prefer the charging port in the frunk of CT or on the front bumper
  5. Found a great EV power/charging solution

    Looks nice but it may not have the Canadian certification 🤢 What about the protection from unauthorized access? Do you have to switch off a breaker every time or just leave it ON believing that children will not discover with a nail what is inside the slots? And where the cable would be stored...
  6. Cybertruck Plaid

    Very good feature, but a bit too sharp for a truck. And how about backing to a ramp or door (rear radar)? And the radars may not be used at all.? I believe the "low gear" mode would be way more predictable in addition to sensing distances and obstacles.
  7. Cybertruck Plaid

    A truck unlike a sedan needs much more frequent precise positioning for approaching loading ramp, attaching a trailer etc. The driver probably could feel more confident if he knew that the truck is in virtual "low gear" mode and the whole travel of the accelerator pedal corresponds to much...
  8. Cybertruck Plaid

    Well, the high speed is good, but how about the low speed? Just in case of tight parking or approaching the loading deck, isn't there a chance to accelerate accidently and hit something with such a sharp accelerator pedal?
  9. 4860 wild ___ speculation

    The 4860 would be too thick and short for me. And for Mr. Musk too. So we agreed with him to use the batteries that he will really manufacture
  10. Ford Will Crush Tesla With Electric F-150, Jim Cramer Says

    The more people switch to F-150, the shorter will be waiting line for my CT
  11. 4860 wild ___ speculation

    Waiting time for 4860 may be too long. I would prefer 4680 batteries.
  12. Tesla Consider Russian Production, Says Musk

    I know Russia for much longer time. Now. Do you know who made initial capital by selling international aid and drugs? Do you know that all leading positions in Russia occupied by his mates from cooperative "Ozero" (Lake) and that is the core of mafia? do you know that his mates have stolen...
  13. Tesla Consider Russian Production, Says Musk

    Dealing with Putin's Russia is like swimming in sewage. Questionable pleasure and guarantied dirt.
  14. Tesla Consider Russian Production, Says Musk

    Looks like you are not familiar with Russian realities. FSB now in power and is a real mafia that controls EVERYTHING in Russia, including the space commercialization or militarization. For the country that can not manufacture cars better than Lada, the gigafactory would be a huge jump up...
  15. Tesla Consider Russian Production, Says Musk

    First, don't forget that Musk left in the dust Russian space industry cutting off some serious money supply. Russian KGB mafia in power will not forgive it. Second, once Russians get the codes for the Tesla car software, expect unexplained crashes of Tesla vehicles. One of them with Musk...
  16. Self park into/out of garage?

    Even without the auto-parking it would be very useful to stop a CT in a few inches before a wall without a chance to crush into a bedroom behind this wall. I just imagine a sensor (mechanical/optical) that detects the approaching CT and switches on the red light in front of a CT. Would the...

    Did anyone see the wheels there? I am afraid they will be apple shaped. Bitten apple :oops: