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  1. Cybertruck Plaid

    I mean, this is how they currently do it, I see no reason why they would change it for CT.
  2. [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS] "White House considers vehicle mileage tax to fund infrastructure"

    Raising taxes on the rich does absolutely nothing, as the rich are most likely to be able to protect their assets from taxes. Largely because, with the introduction of the income tax, taxes on many other investment types were drastically lowered. A decent accountant is very affordable to the...
  3. Cybertruck Plaid

    Guys, I know where y'all are coming from. But hear me out on this: All previous Tesla models have/had ordering pages like this: Single Motor RWD -Standard -Long Range Dual Motor AWD: -Long Range -Performance With the introduction of Plaid, Model S and X no longer have the two Dual Motor...
  4. Cybertruck Plaid

    I’m sure the acceleration is limited in trailer mode, haha. Folks forget the F150 Raptor and other performance trucks. They exist, and its not far outside the realm of possibility for Tesla to do the same. The 2.9 second 0-60 is a by product of its all electric 3 motor design, and they...
  5. 4860 wild ___ speculation

    CT will be delayed until 4680 cells are ready. They won’t make it without them. Model S Plaid + was supposed to use the 4680 and the fact that it was cancelled does not bode well. I and many others suspect that it was cancelled because they are still having issues producing quality 4680 cells...
  6. Cybertruck Plaid

    Plaid would be a step above Tri. I’m saving up for a Tri but if they beat the odds (Me, way way down the list, getting delivery in 2022 or 2023) might mean I don’t have enough saved up to get a Tri.
  7. Cybertruck Plaid

    I hope they don’t make a plaid because as it is I am probably going to have to downgrade my reservation to a dual motor. I definitely won’t be able to afford a plaid, if they make one.
  8. Cybertruck Plaid

    You’d need to tie down your loads even for a 2.9s 0-60
  9. Cybertruck Plaid

    I think its inevitable that a high performance package of some sort will be offered, probably starting at around $100,000. No idea what the specs may be...but 0-60 would probably be at least a half a second faster and perhaps ~185-200 mph top speed. Thoughts?
  10. Due to Tonneau Cover design, no bed-cab pass through

    A quick youtube video search gave me a bunch of angles. I guess I was mixed up by the patent drawing.
  11. Due to Tonneau Cover design, no bed-cab pass through

    Good catch, I should go back and watch that EDIT: I did, the rear window could have a sliding panel set up like a lot of legacy trucks have, but I was more talking about the metal section the track is housed in. Seems like it stops just as it clears the window. Still, I get your point. Fully...
  12. Due to Tonneau Cover design, no bed-cab pass through

    A pass through with the tonneau fully deployed would work. Thing is, it doesn’t look like its designed to be a conveyor type mechanism. It looks like it has linked rollers that move in a channel, and the design seems to suggest that there are some slats that never see the light of day, but stay...
  13. What Vehicle, Money no option, would you like to see Teslafied!

    CyberTank, with 200mm main gun, 100mm mortar, and freaking laser beam machineguns. 20 Tons that can cover a quarter mile from full stop in 9 seconds
  14. Elon Musk suggests Cybertruck is not happening this year

    I’m perfectly happy if I don’t get my CT until 2025 or after. Still saving up money and honestly I am way way down the list.
  15. CyberSUV vs Cybertruck

    My ford focus hatchback has taken care of almost everything I needed to haul (including those giant 7.5’ tall shelving units at Home Depot). If it had towing ability, I’d be set. The Cyber SUV would be a big version of a hatchback and would be a lot more similar to my current vehicle. I guess...
  16. ☀️ New Cybertruck tonneau patent mentions potential use as Solar Panel

    There are plenty of people who have paid for their home solar with the energy cost savings that they have netted. Most of these folks are in states with high energy costs. However, those with solar roof installs are reporting impressive cost savings even in low-cost states. The data is out...
  17. ☀️ New Cybertruck tonneau patent mentions potential use as Solar Panel

    People said a lot of things Elon wanted to do were impossible. People who bet against him usually look like fools in the end. I agree, there are a lot of challenges involved in making a solar tonneau actually provide an appreciable increase in daily range, even in optimal weather. Especially...
  18. Due to Tonneau Cover design, no bed-cab pass through

    Given that the patent is from last year, perhaps Elon and the team have come up with a redesign. With the patent we have, however, the tonneau cover is a constant barrier that would prevent a pass-through option. The only way we could have pass through with this design is if the tonneau fully...
  19. Armored glass is for a pending apocalypse and when this happens... just saying.

    The sledgehammer test and previous tests with the ball bearing created microfractures and possibly small chips in the glass. They were hitting it/throwing stuff at it quite a bit before the stage demo. Armor glass is not indestructible, nothing is. It only makes sense that it would fail after...