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  1. What is your biggest Cybertruck question you'd like answered by Tesla before committing to purchase?

    Still waiting on word of a snow plow prep package (frame support up front). I am anxiously awaiting word of when production will start. I mean really it is middle of April and they are working like honey bees around the clock on the facility. I would think by end October- mid November they...
  2. Tailosive EV: "Why I'm Worried About the Cybertruck"

    I can't wait to tow my Grady White with my CT!
  3. What is your biggest Cybertruck question you'd like answered by Tesla before committing to purchase?

    I have seen the question before but I would also like to know if it is going to accept a snow plow. Even the half ton HTS would be enough for me. Just let us know.
  4. Who would commit a down payment today?

    I am all in and would be happy to put 10% additional funds down.
  5. Cybertruck (Orders) Demand Would Take 3-4 Years Production to Fulfill Says Musk

    Tesla has some nice used cars at nice prices or check on onlyusedtesla I bought my MS on usedtesla and I am pleasantly pleased. I will never go back especially if my snowplows go on the Cybertruck. If not a back drag plow will be on it.
  6. Why are we so crazy about the Cybertruck? Post your reason here

    my Cybertruck will be my last truck of my lifetime. I will pass it onto my son or nephew and they will never have to buy another truck IMO.
  7. Is 4th Quarter 2021 a realistic delivery date for the Cybertruck?

    I hope the CT is my last truck also. It should be. I just read that the way Austin Gigafactory is going they may have production equipment in at the end of may. 27/7 construction makes it go fast. I can't wait. My wife and son drive my MS and I get stuck driving my Toyota Tundra around when...
  8. Ohio

    I am looking forward to a CT rally. Only problem is I’m like 275,000. I’ll have to show up in my MS if I don’t have my CT.
  9. Snow plowing

    Currently that is my plan for the CT unless they announce a plow prep package.
  10. Ohio

    Thank you Howard. There are. I just saw the Ohio/Great Lakes Area posts. My brother has a tri-motor on order. I am sure there are others but like myself I don’t post a lot on the Internet forums. But Tesla excites me. I would like to know from the Great Lakes area how many CT owners would...
  11. Ohio

    Cleveland Here. Waiting on my Trip-motor CT. I drive my MS now but when I need my truck I cruise around on errands and work and think how much I am going to enjoy the CT when it finally arrives.
  12. Snow plowing

    Right on
  13. Snow plowing

    My first plow truck was a Ford F-150. I now use a Jeep Wrangler and a Toyota Tundra and a Ram 2500. After running Ford trucks for 18 years I have given up on Fords due to too many repairs. My Tundra has had no issues or repairs for Four years. Jeep is an 07 so I have had some repairs. My...
  14. Snow plowing

    Basically to mount a plow frame to the truck is four to six bolts even I could do it if I cared to do so. I let professionals do it. Some dealers have trucks with plows already mounted so you can by the unit ready to plow we just want to know if it now going to be possible. Ford let’s you...
  15. Snow plowing

    What bothers me is that they (Tesla)aren’t even mentioning snow plow mounting or any other gear except camping and solar bed cover. What about something like this to fit
  16. Snow plowing

    Well after looking at the plows to fit a Honda Ridge line and comparing them to the plows I have on my Jeep, Tundra and formerly on my F250's those plows won't do what our plows do. Those plows are to plow your driveway and perhaps your neighbors driveway and not for commercial use. How Is the...
  17. Snow plowing

    There are rear drag and push plows but I wonder if those can handle 8-12" of snow or more. We just had an 18" snowfall and even conventional plowing was tough
  18. Snow Plows?

    It is not only snow plowing, which I need to have a plow on my CT, but it also ladder racks, inside storage for tools and parts for people who do plumbing, electrical, roofing ETC. I would have thought by now Tesla would have designs out for an enclosure with rear opening doors and adjustable...
  19. 'Experts' Still Predicting Cybertruck Will be a Cyber-Flop (Video)

    This video is nearly a year old. I don't surf these site much but I watch for something like this. It just shows that the ICE guys have their heads in the sand. They may be able to lower thinner price a little but considering maintenance and fuel costs only truck owners who haven't...
  20. Cybertruck would look amazing like this!

    I think I will stick with original or a wrap for color