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  1. JayP90X

    Awesome Cybertruck Ad - "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe ..."

    Cybertruck looks awesome in motion. Much better than standing still. Since this was fan made, where did the moving footage come from? I haven't seen those until now.
  2. JayP90X

    Trailer options

    Just a render but how cool would a Cyber travel trailer be. :cool:
  3. JayP90X

    Cybertruck renderings and creations

    Would love to see a Cybertrailer!
  4. JayP90X

    Cybertruck confirmed specs / features list

    Thanks for this great compilation. Can we add performance specs and range too?
  5. JayP90X

    Tesla Cybertruck Render Imagines Changes Required To Reach Production

    That looks fantastic. I like it even better with actual headlight pieces on the sides. Gives it more of a "face" IMO. And I'm a fan of the raw stainless steel but gotta say gloss paint looks pretty darn good on the Cybertruck too!
  6. JayP90X

    Cybertruck drag coefficient may get down to 0.30 Cd - per Musk

    I read his tweet to mean that they may be able to further engineer the Cybertruck for even better Cd, if they wanted to. And not that the drag coefficient could be further improved by owners. It's rare there's much owners can do in terms of actually improving drag anyway. Almost all aftermarket...
  7. JayP90X

    Side step, roof rack, and dogs

    Dropdown sidestep would be awesome. And better than aftermarket. It's a pickup, there's going to be tons of aftermarket vendors developing parts for the Cybertruck. Much more than we've ever seen for the models so far.
  8. JayP90X

    General safety question in case of accident

    I'm confident they've thought of the safety implications for the unbreakable "armor glass" windows. Maybe when the vehicle detects immersion in water, the windows will self release or the doors will self open.
  9. JayP90X

    Post your Cybertruck preorder reservation number!

    Just placed a second order, this time for a tri-motor (my first was for a dual motor). Hoping they beat the 3 yr estimate!
  10. JayP90X

    Cybertruck colors and graphics improvements (renderings)

    My favorite one yet! All of these shows that any graphic or color will help break up the long rear/bed. All I know is that looking at all these images of the Cybertruck is making the wait harder. :love:
  11. JayP90X


    Cool tech! I would think (and hope) that the electromagnetic wiper is more likely to see implementation on the Cybertruck. Though pairing it up with the laser beam tech would be the best of both worlds. Plus, the laser only zaps debris and can't handle actually wiping away rain/snow. Just...
  12. JayP90X

    Elon Pushing Egalitarianism

    That's the appeal to me as well. As long as Cybertruck comes with the hardware to upgrade to future levels of autonomous driving, there'll really be no reason to ever upgrade it if the 500 mile range (for tri-motor model) battery is enough for you. And the entire exterior and interior design is...
  13. JayP90X

    TESLA After purchase service record...what's the story/facts about Tesla...anyone know??

    Tesla has come a long way and is now a well established major player among auto companies but remember it's still just a few years old. With that considered, the amount of service centers and how well they run are actually pretty amazing. Yes, (some) parts availability is still an issue, but...