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  1. FHWizard

    'Bulletproof' secret to Cybertruck windows revealed in Tesla Armor Glass patent

    That's all I want - to minimize rock damage and avoid windshield replacement.
  2. FHWizard

    CyberTruck production start date = April 2022

    That would be good. I don't remember where I heard that they might be using different chemistries. But, of course that's just speculation.
  3. FHWizard

    Tesla’s Head Product Designer hints at Cybertruck diecast model

    Cybertruck anxiety syndrome: When a 64 year old man is caught by his wife pushing a toy Cybertruck across the living room floor going "VROOM..VROOM" (even though he knows it doesn't make that sound).
  4. FHWizard

    CyberTruck production start date = April 2022

    I reserved a Tri-motor in late june with FSD and then a dual in July (missing the 7K FSD cutoff). I'm fine with another 2-3 year wait so I can decide how much $ to part with. The dual will probably be fine but if only the Tri-motor gets the 4680's I might have to rethink the options.
  5. FHWizard

    Is this the motocycle to go with the Cybertruck?

    How about pulling up to a hiking trail in a CT with a couple of Boston Dynamics robot dogs in the back and go jogging down the trail with the dogs.