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  1. madquadbiker

    Update CT announcement when…(these are the jokes)

    Perfectly acceptable request.
  2. madquadbiker

    Cyberquad ATV will be available at Cybertruck launch

    Does it come with FSD
  3. madquadbiker

    4860 wild ___ speculation

    These would then make a great battery storage system.
  4. madquadbiker

    Deleted my FSD option last night

    I think the older you are the more valuable FSD will be to you, there will be a point where you can let the CT do all the driving for you, otherwise without it you will hit the point where you will be deemed to be unfit to drive.
  5. madquadbiker

    Does the Delivery Situation in Texas Affect Country-wide Delivery?

    I’m up for that, spend a couple of months exploring that part of the world, watch the F1 race and also take a tour of the factory.
  6. madquadbiker

    Vehicle to Home (Ford Figured it Out)

    Isn’t solar thermal a thing over there?, my 2 panels and 200L tank system from Velux can reach 80 degrees C after only a few hours of sunshine and this is in the U.K. which isn’t known for shed loads of sunshine, from March though to October I very rarely need to fire up the heat pump for hot water.
  7. madquadbiker

    ☀️ New Cybertruck tonneau patent mentions potential use as Solar Panel

    Wow, that’s some driveway to reach the home office.
  8. madquadbiker

    It is effing final. Elon said so himself! "Cybertruck doesn’t need a garage"

    Just need the truck to short out occasionally to kill the trespassing vermin.
  9. madquadbiker

    Cybertruck UI patent hints at 610 mile range, eye tracking mirror adjustments, 20" suspension travel

    Just need the autopilot from the airplane movie to fool the other half into thinking you are actually there.
  10. madquadbiker

    Due to Tonneau Cover design, no bed-cab pass through

    A pass through would be brilliant but there’s nothing stopping you from having an external racking system which follows the angle of the tonneau cover and roof for longer items like pipe etc.
  11. madquadbiker

    What level of ride comfort to expect from Cybertruck

    Not the tire pressures the pressure in the air bags/struts or whatever is fitted.
  12. madquadbiker

    What level of ride comfort to expect from Cybertruck

    Should be smooth if your allowed to chance the pressures, just a 10 or 20psi change up or down would make a huge difference to the ride quality and pumped up for heavy loads when needed.
  13. madquadbiker

    Cybertruck Spotted in NYC! [Street Video Added]

    That’ll be the machine gun mounts.
  14. madquadbiker

    VIDEO - Tesla Cybertruck TeraFactory Site Construction Is Well Underway

    No that’s the runway for the flying version to be announced in a month or two.
  15. madquadbiker

    Possibility of dual controls/detachable yoke in Europe/UK/Ireland.

    But the look on other drivers faces especially the cops seeing no one in the drivers seat and just you in the passengers seat with a PlayStation controller driving it, priceless.
  16. madquadbiker

    Spotted Truck load of Teslas

    will be for all the lucky snowbirds th They are for all the lucky snowbirds wintering down there, no issues with poor battery range with that climate.