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  1. ldjessee

    Towing Camping Trailers

    Slow down, dramatic improvement in range. If I get 180 miles from my dual motor while towing or bed loaded/vault open, that is like 3 hours of driving (at slower speeds). Then taking a break for 30 to 45 minutes seems ok to me, but my personal needs/wants are not the same as everyone else. I...
  2. ldjessee

    What Vehicle, Money no option, would you like to see Teslafied!

    HEMTT Truck. Figure a semi truck or two battery pack...
  3. ldjessee

    Tesla’s prefab Superchargers are solving a rarely-addressed problem

    I HATE clickbait headlines. I try to never click on them. Why does the headline seem to make this out to be something that only Tesla and/or EVs experience? I have driven stretches of highways in the US that have warnings about how many miles to the next gas station... and that gas station was...
  4. ldjessee

    My Cybertruck pop-up roof tent design

    Your's and my definition of facilities and the definition my wife has does not match up. ;)
  5. ldjessee

    My Cybertruck pop-up roof tent design

    Nice, but my SO says if "no toilet, no shower", it is a no go.
  6. ldjessee


    I believe that is where the vault cover stores, so not sure of any dead space in the Cybertruck.
  7. ldjessee

    Researchers discover breakthrough solid-state EV battery manufacturing technique

    Is it a single drone or several drones being swapped out every so often? Take this drone, remove the sprayer system, replace the 20 liter cargo with more batteries. If at 46 kg it can go for 10 minutes on a 18,000 mah battery, what could it do with 20kg more of battery storage on board...
  8. ldjessee

    Who Plans on Towing? And What is Their Plan?

    I have seen someone try to pull into a gas station with their huge 5th wheel and hit not only the bar that protects the pump, but at the same time hit the overhead with an airconditioner or something on the top of their 5th wheel. It was crunch-crunch... not a good day. This was at a normal gas...
  9. ldjessee

    Charging Rivian .v. Tesla Maps

    I have seen people make a huge deal of their network being only for Rivian, but that is only their fast chargers, their equivalent of the destination chargers will be open to anyone. At least, that is what I got from their announcement...
  10. ldjessee

    What SOC to keep tri-motor CT at?

    My thought at this time is to keep it at 50-70% unless planned trip. I have a reservation for the Dual Motor.
  11. ldjessee

    Who Plans on Towing? And What is Their Plan?

    Several Superchargers in Europe have pull through and we have seen designs for newer Supercharger locations that have pull through spots. If the Cybertruck falls under the new Heavy Truck division, then I expect the Cybertruck can use the Semi charger, which I also expect to be installed at, or...
  12. ldjessee


    As far as I have seen, this is not how Jeep intends for the all electric Wrangler production model to be built. This is a conversion to work as a prototype (and maybe test mule). I am sure given the history of a diesel jeep and then the all electric Jeep, I could see given that history (and...
  13. ldjessee


    I am not a fan of added complexity, but the ability to change gear ratios may prove to be a useful tool for off-roading... but I would need to be convinced. Might also let them have a slow off-road oriented gears at the low end, but allow for better efficiency the road. (I would need to be...
  14. ldjessee

    Charging Rivian .v. Tesla Maps

    Their goals are different.
  15. ldjessee

    Terraforming Mars video

    I have read several science fiction that terraformed Mars... the problem with most of them is the lack of a magnetic field and gravity, which leads back to the issues Mars has now. Dome/roof over the Valles Marineris. That would provide lots of new land, contained atmosphere, could do orbital...
  16. ldjessee

    Is A Toyota SUV "Greener" Than A Tesla? Engineering Explained guy says Yes. I think in real world answer is NO.

    Funny, when I watched that video, that is not the conclusion I came too nor that I thought he came too. I thought he pointed out the very limited set of conditions it would take for the Rav4 Plugin to cause less CO2 than the Tesla Model Y he was stacking it up against. He showed exactly when...
  17. ldjessee

    Europe is making faster cars and better batteries than Tesla

    Why tack on a new article to a thread started with an article from 6 months ago?
  18. ldjessee

    FutureBridge Predicts Solid-State Battery Cost Will Match Lithium-Ion By 2025

    Here is the problem I see, that is comparing solid state to current batteries in production, not to what will be out in 4 years. And, once solid state is in production, it just might not be as good as they got it in the lab or with a prototype... And, if you waited for fusion power, well, you...
  19. ldjessee

    Tesla and LG in talks to produce 4680 battery cell at new factory

    4680 is a size, it does not include the tabless design, it does not include the anode and/or cathode material (or any of the other unique chemistry). If Tesla comes out saying it licensed some of these other technologies for LG to make batteries for Tesla, then I would see thinking Tesla had put...
  20. ldjessee

    Cybertruck-Making it uniquely yours.

    Agreed, I can imagine setting up a group of clamps and a laser etcher to do some cool customizations... but also a wrapping/window tint department, a range of accessories for the bed, sail pillars, underbed storage, frunk storage, and such. Even edge into overlanding/offroad gear. Lights...