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  1. FullyGrounded

    The Exoskeleton

    Consider that Elon refers to aircraft often when he's talking about the exoskeleton concept. What he doesn't talk about is that when the exoskeleton is damaged on an aircraft, it's often catastrophically so. And, this gives no helpful information as to how much it's going to cost to fix, what...
  2. FullyGrounded

    Any updates?

    I think Elon is having a tough time pinning anything exactly, given the issues with circuit boards and the scarcity of them. On top of that, I truly think Elon is concerned about losing interest when he brings the revised and the necessarily limited in options, Cybertruck. So many things he...
  3. FullyGrounded

    What would prevent your purchase?

    I really don't know. The Cybertruck into was taken, and not returned for us to evaluate to see how, or even if it still meets our needs. This may well be by design. I was at 110% a year ago - today, it's hard to say. There are many questions to be answered and nobody is answering much; and...
  4. FullyGrounded

    The Exoskeleton

    I know all too well, sir. I was a firefighter/EMT since the attack on us on 9/11. And, have been on many vehicle crashes and the like. I understand what impacts can do, I assure you. This truck was, at one time, thought of as a wonder. To some it still is, to others, we have had time to...
  5. FullyGrounded

    The Exoskeleton

    We do understand that the frame is like the backbone of the vehicle, right? And, now, we've taken and moved that from the protected, to that which protects and will take the brunt of damage. Now, they will also crease it to allow for it to crumple. You've just made my back weaker. And, off...
  6. FullyGrounded

    The Exoskeleton

    But, do you see the difference? The crumple zones in current auto tech is into open or other spaces before it gets into the frame. The CT, the frame will be involved in EVERy little fender bender. And, just how much will it be able to stand, before your CT begins to track slightly sideways...
  7. FullyGrounded

    Door handle issue

    Great, one more issue. I will have to see what the CT comes with for a door release mechanism. The sad thing is, Elon has repeatedly said the best fix is the one that eliminates parts. That S door handle fix video did not look like they sought to reduce the parts whatsoever in the S Door...
  8. FullyGrounded

    Cybertruck Plaid

    I thought I heard Elon refer to the trimotor as Plaid, but I could just be hearing what I wanted to hear. Who knows, I only want the trimotor for the battery/range. Anything else is simply bonus. But, I also don't want to pay $125k for a truck, just to do 0-60 in some insane amount of time...
  9. FullyGrounded

    Reservation order integrity

    I will get mine, I get mine. Simple as that. I have no control over it, so I don't stress it. Enjoy.
  10. FullyGrounded

    The Exoskeleton

    The Exoskeleton has been thought of as a huge benefit, but I wonder. Creating an exoskeleton is revolutionary, but why would you put the one thing that can "total" your vehicle in a crash, on the outside, exposed? I mean, you hit something in just the right way, with just the right force; and...
  11. FullyGrounded

    This is how i want my CT dashboard

    It looks nice, but is it really functional. What if the information you REALLY need is way over in front of the passenger seat, yet you're driving alone. How functional is that? Keeping it smaller, also serves to keep all information and "buttons" within an area. Just a thought...
  12. FullyGrounded

    Anyone selling what your CT will replace?

    Looks seriously photoshopped. No help. haha
  13. FullyGrounded

    Tonneau with a side of wings?

    We really have to see what Tesla is going to offer, then I will look at how best to make it work for my application. peace
  14. FullyGrounded

    Who is eating crow? Final predictions.

    I know, I was just laughing tongue-in-cheek. Have a fun girl!
  15. FullyGrounded

    Jordan Giesige calls the Cybertruck a 'Sarlacc Pit' for battery production.

    Nobody makes them, because big auto/oil have thwarted solar/battery vehicles for decaded. Elon didn't lay down as expected by big auto/oil, so here we are. This will self-resolve. As Elon said, we have loads of Lithium. Lithium is abundantly found on the planet. We just don't currently mine...
  16. FullyGrounded

    Who is eating crow? Final predictions.

    Curse you Crissa! In no way is it cool to hint that there's ample room for anything under a truck other than a skid plate :P peace
  17. FullyGrounded

    Jordan Giesige calls the Cybertruck a 'Sarlacc Pit' for battery production.

    But, this is not in line with Elon's wishes. Elon is hoping EVs will be a strong force that helps correct the imbalance in the carbon footprint of man. And, this limiting factor isn't working in Elon's favor. Elon doesn't care about the Hummer or eF150, he cares about solving the carbon...
  18. FullyGrounded

    It is effing final. Elon said so himself! "Cybertruck doesn’t need a garage"

    Regardless of Elon's position on this subject, my Cybertruck will sleep in my garage, whatever I have to do to allow it to fit. peace
  19. FullyGrounded

    Due to Tonneau Cover design, no bed-cab pass through

    I would like to see a choice between a cap and passthrough, or tonneau without. Possibly other options, but certainly these. I would do the cap with passthrough in a heartbeat. peace
  20. FullyGrounded

    ☀️ New Cybertruck tonneau patent mentions potential use as Solar Panel

    This sucks if there isn't a plug in for adding solar panels. The tonneau is a horrible manner of providing solar - when exactly will this be pointing directly at the sun, and will you always have your tonneau cover closed to provide the benefit? This is almost comical, but it's probably for...