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  1. Newton

    Why I'm Getting The F150 Lightning

    Tesla has been making Ev's for over 10 years now... and are the leading company pushing ev things forward. that along with the supercharging network makes it the only option for me if i want a new EV. do you want Michelangelo's original work, or the apprentice that has been surviving by...
  2. Newton

    AI Day coming in a Month (aka, “Or so.”)

    machine learning is where the big money is, was talking to a recruiter at facebook last year? no, pre-covid so in 2019. she was saying finding good AI engineers is super hard and they are basically hiring everyone they can, im sure google, russia, china, and just about every1 else its too. VERY...
  3. Newton

    Tesla plans to put Insurance, FSD subscription directly into smartphone app

    i drive super chill 95% or the time, hopefully that will reflect in better prices! but very lame if they punish you for using your performance car!
  4. Newton

    Hoping for a Cybertruck update June 10

    those molds are really quite big, might be for the ct
  5. Newton

    Hoping for a Cybertruck update June 10

    flyover for the event, dont see the CT:{
  6. Newton

    Jordan Giesige calls the Cybertruck a 'Sarlacc Pit' for battery production.

    im not watchin it, cliff notes? if he sayin that X amount of tri-CT's will use Y amount of energy more than the model y. i mean yea, it will have a bigger batter pack. but 3X i doubt it.
  7. Newton

    Cybertruck Exoskeleton patent shows how it's a protection shield

    it matters what damage your talking about, it wont be easy to scratch and dent it with like a shopping cart running into it, or someone opening their door into you. you could even hit it with a regular hammer and it would only get scuffed, which could be polished out, easily. but if its a...
  8. Newton

    'Bulletproof' secret to Cybertruck windows revealed in Tesla Armor Glass patent

    ford was tesla all along, crazy plot twist
  9. Newton

    Cybertruck UI Patent Shows Off Cool Details & Features, Including Camp Kitchen! 🍽

    you can always wear a celebrity mask, preferably Elon... knowing him the Ai will say something like "welcome memelord technoking of Tesla where am i taking you today?"
  10. Newton

    Cybertruck UI Patent Shows Off Cool Details & Features, Including Camp Kitchen! 🍽

    ignored, now wheres that patent about thermal cameras... :ROFLMAO:
  11. Newton

    'Bulletproof' secret to Cybertruck windows revealed in Tesla Armor Glass patent

    more importantly... it might just work in space
  12. Newton

    ☀️ New Cybertruck tonneau patent mentions potential use as Solar Panel

    i hope the solar option is no more than 3k. i really like the concept, and even if they dont make money on it, it shows they actually care about the sustainable thing they always talk about, not sure why iv been so pessimistic about tesla lately hmmm
  13. Newton

    Cybertruck UI Patent Shows Off Cool Details & Features, Including Camp Kitchen! 🍽

    YAY i love patents... could read them for hours, only glanced through right now though a big part of this seems to be facial recognition adjusting parameters, tracking movement to adjust ac to hit your face, adjusting mirrors to fit your stature, maybe even tracking to always hit u ... and it...
  14. Newton

    Tesla has over 1 million Cybertruck reservations in latest tally

    i thought we figured out that the numbering system isnt JUST for CT reservations. but who knows, maybe 1M reservations isnt too far off. really no reason not if your even vaguely thinking about getting it.
  15. Newton

    A More Useful Frunk

    Is this the only pic we have of the CT front storage? looks really quite big but obviously hard to tell a front tailgate, frontgate?, type thing would be pretty dope
  16. Newton

    F150 Lightning Predictions

    the truck seems decent, 1st thing to compete with CT price, frunk space looks HUGE and with 120v in it, thats cool. they are saying 300 miles per charge with truck aerodynamics, batterys gotta be pretty big. but man is it boring looking
  17. Newton

    Knock off the blockchain Elon

    when bitcoin started, or at least when i got into it, like 15 years ago? (and I sold my mined coin for like 1500$ :ROFLMAO: Everything was pretty secretive regarding your identity. nowadays in order to trade on probably all big coin trading companies like coinbase, kragen, etc. you have to...
  18. Newton

    Knock off the blockchain Elon

    yea, i guess saying he cares about mars "more" than earth is a little much
  19. Newton

    Knock off the blockchain Elon

    Nothing he said or tweeted? bitcoin and cryptos are completely the opposite of teslas motto of progressing sustainable energy. a HUGE, huge, waste of energy for basically no reason. Elon's goals are mars. Tesla is a way to get there sure caring MORE abut mars than earth is an exaggeration ill...
  20. Newton

    Backup Battery Plug-in Port

    ev range is something to think about... figure out how much you drive and where superchargers are, i think Teslas can charge on the normal high speed ev charger plug, i think its a j1772/ccs charger with an adapter, so you can look up where those are too... if you daily commute is far less...