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  1. Update CT announcement when…(these are the jokes)

    Weren't all "Two" of them already built?
  2. Why General Motors Is Crushing Tesla in 2021

    Before "Investing" in GM: Probably should look up their Debt, Pension and Healthcare obligations. Probably should research their Real Estate Holdings and viability of same. Probably should look at both their Union Bloat and Quagmired, top heavy executives stumbling over themselves while trying...
  3. Will the truck come with a full size spare?

    And we thought the Cybertruck was supposed to "Float"! ......What's all this talk about tires, wheels and spares???
  4. What would prevent your purchase?

    Something like the upcoming Ford Ranger EV. This would allow agility in all the daily local business, work and play errands. Leaving the aging RAM longbed diesel for the heavy work and heavy towing duties.
  5. Automated car wash w/ those horrendous brushes + waxing

    Running the Cybertruck through an automated car wash with brushes full of dirt and small rock particles from the off road pickup in front of you may be a benefit. Resulting in: "A Brushed Stainless Steel Aged Patina Effect".....Perfect!
  6. What apps would you like available in the Cybertruck?

    3 Apps: 1.) Donut App 2.) Cheeseburger App 3.) Margarita App
  7. What music / songs will you blast on day 1 of Cybertruck ownership?

    Movie "Space Odyssey" theme hoping Hal does not ultimately appear!
  8. CyberTrailer for the Cybertruck. This is how I will roll.

    You may want to go into business producing Camp Trailers, Horse Trailers, Cargo Trailers etc. Nice Concept!
  9. Ego Zero Turn Mower

    "If you don't fit, you don't fit" Gotta like that! :) Realizing one size doesn't fit all and that's probably a good thing. That said, the Seat on the "EGO Z6 Zero Turn" is a good one, it is one of it's selling points and one of the reasons to choose this model. Again, it's not a Grammer Seat...
  10. Ego Zero Turn Mower

    Comparing to the "Grammer" seats that come on Walker Mowers and many other applications. The Grammer is an all day comfort workman's seat, 8 hours a day 6 days a week. That said, the Ego seat adjusts in many of the same manner, once adjusted to the riders weight, it is very forgiving and...
  11. Ego Zero Turn Mower

    Every 50 hours check the "Cutting Blade Flange" i.e. spindle bearing's grease level. It's a concave flange that is filled/topped off with gear grease as/if needed.
  12. Ego Zero Turn Mower

    Update on EGO's Z6 Zero Turn Lawn Mower: It now has about 10 hours of use and 7 cuttings to initially judge by. The terrain is mostly flat, however has multiple up and over berms, tree wells, pathways, drives, fence lines and outbuildings that extend mowing time required to complete the job. In...
  13. Fuel Prices Rising?

    You Tube's "Economic Ninja" hints that fuel could hit $8.00/gallon. (Posted May 10th, 2021) If this estimate becomes reality: A Cybertruck charged by Solar Panels will be money in the bank.
  14. North Dakota

    A lot of us "Identify" as North Dakotans, because of it's wide open spaces and FREEDOM.......Yet, it's too cold there so we live somewhere else. If this counts then there are many orders for ND :)
  15. How can the Tri-Motor Cybertruck at $70k possibly be real?

    To reach the daily use worker, contractor, utility services, city and county gov't, etc, with CT's Tri-Motor load carrying and towing capabilities "Price" is key. This group will convert if affordable, if dependable, if cost effective, if resale value is there. Also the Pricing is necessary...
  16. [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS] "White House considers vehicle mileage tax to fund infrastructure"

    Let's just tax the current White House administration Out of Business!
  17. What SOC to keep tri-motor CT at?

    Crissa, a related question: Say a battery (Not necessarily CT's, yet a Lithium-ion non the less) took 4 hours to charge 2-Hours from zero to 80% and another 2-Hours form 80%-100%. Given that assumption is it also cheaper to charge to only 80% compared to the charging costs for the last 20%...
  18. Canoo electric truck

    A lot of good points FutureBoy, There may be another problem with the "Subscription" only allocations. A vehicle that has the durability to last many years should be bought and held so that it can be modified for work or play and a one time investment like a refrigerator or washing machine. Why...
  19. Flat towing Cybertruck?

    I contacted Tesla over a year ago regarding flat towing, behind a MotorCoach, their other vehicles that were in production at that time. There response was simple and polite: Absolutely no, zero flat towing allowed.
  20. Canoo electric truck

    Good Looking Rig. A great application would be towing a smaller light weight fifth-wheel camp trailer.