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  1. kenshortt

    Why we here need to pretend to be excited about the Ford F-150 Lightning

    Power to the house is just an option that will have importance to some who will be glad they had it. Out in the masses I a confident the Truck to House would be used and successfully. It is a good idea. I own a Model Y. Remember all of the negative predictions by the Tesla/Musk haters in the...
  2. kenshortt

    Cyberwar (Cybertruck vs Model Y)

    I bought a Y in Oct 2020. I needed a truck and bought a Ford F250 Super Duty. For the first time I considered canceling the CT. It was just a passing thought. The Ford is now my work truck. The CT is my survival vehicle. Note: I want a metal roof. If not, I will have to have it covered.
  3. kenshortt


    Also. Elon pulls out of the market before it starts it' plunge and buys the only stock that has a miraculous climb. Not a coincidence. Next one to soar will be Tesla.
  4. kenshortt


    Elon criticizes bit coin and it drops in value then he and others buy and they make hundreds of millions as the price rockets. When he took our money and bought bit coin I was offended but didn't sell. Then down goes Tesla right after using our money. He and others want to invest a large amount...
  5. kenshortt

    Tesla Please Do This

    Great snow boarding video but the Rivian looks silly, uneventful. I know people that like the truck but it has that goofy look that is typical for non conventional vehicals where 'kind of ugly' is cool.
  6. kenshortt

    Apple iCar -- Your Thoughs?

    It will work as long as drivers are no long required to see where they are driving
  7. kenshortt

    Doug DeMuro is Wrong about the Hummer EV and the Cybertruck (Video)

    When the Cybertruck is on the road and establishes it's place in the market you will never hear these views from Doug, ever again. He is either unqualified to review the Cybertruck or he has chosen to promote Hummer.
  8. kenshortt

    How about a quad motor option

    This has to happen. Competition is showing it. I will buy. Also, more range probable. Essential for off road once you have it. There would be no turning back. There would be a lot less buyers. You presented the idea and I have to have one. Thank you
  9. kenshortt

    Metal roof rather than glass on the Cybertruck

    metal with solar cells.