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  1. CT Aero-perfect insert camper

    And I took it as a positive! Who wouldn't want to sleep in palaces like these?
  2. CT as teardrop

    Slightly taller draft, with whale tail.
  3. CT Aero-perfect insert camper

    I posted this sleeving topper in a new thread.
  4. CT as teardrop

    This is my primary criteria for making CT campable: A 6.5' sleeping space, 2' tall at ankles and 3' tall at head, plus a Porta potty space 4.5' tall, not near the sleeper's head. The CT alone cannot do this. The sleeping space needs a 6" mattress making the clearance 1.5' at the ankles and 2.5 '...
  5. CT Aero-perfect insert camper

    I don't remember where I got this image. Closed it seems likely to have almost zero drag penalty. It also seems simple, like $5-6k and an hour to install. With a mid-gate it seems big enough.
  6. CT Aero-perfect insert camper

    So this one the shell would stow under the roll top? I hadn't thought of that.
  7. CT Aero-perfect insert camper

    The sloped style is like a VW Westphalia. The level top is Colorado Camper van. Some top shells are as thin as 5"
  8. CT Aero-perfect insert camper

    To make that pop up you need precise dimensions.
  9. CT Aero-perfect insert camper

    Dennis I totally agree. This is most realistic, especially financially. But who is the vendor? I am extremely happy with my Colorado Camper van. I will propose it to them.
  10. CT Aero-perfect insert camper

    One nice aspect of this is that all of my previous drawings required a mid gate. With a tail door this one might work even if Tesla does not come thru on the MG.
  11. CT Aero-perfect insert camper

    Approaching perfection. Topper from GnarlyDudeLive features 8 feet of walk space after I added a pop top with panoramic fabric unzipping. I also added the side window and the canvas drop floor tail. Range loss 20%?, 25%? Still good enough for me on a tri-motor. The cubes make the CT livable, not...
  12. CT with midgate as motorhome.

    Darin, this really deserves a thread of it's own. Would you start one? If not, would you like me to? Is the drawing original with you?
  13. CT with midgate as motorhome.

    Like this? Head to the front? This is cheated as far forward as the front seats might conceivably allow. From here it's possible to pull knees to chin and pivot out the rear door.
  14. CT with midgate as motorhome.

    So, OK, for the moment just thinking about the stock CT. Here is I think the optimum sleeping position, head to the rear about 20-24" thru the mid-gate and into the vault. Front seats moved to max forward. A fairly easy pivot to egress.
  15. CT with midgate as motorhome.

    Very interesting! Looking forward to your elaborating on this design.
  16. CT with midgate as motorhome.

    About 37", 24" of steel wall and 12" of window.
  17. CT with midgate as motorhome.

    Some dimensions of the vault and pop top seal rim.
  18. CT with midgate as motorhome.

    Here are two images that inform my thinking about aerodynamic drag.
  19. CT with midgate as motorhome.

    I did some math comparing space increase versus aerodynamic drag increase. CUBES The vault has 84 cu. ft. The Bundu in the lowered position adds 67 cu ft above the vault, an increase of 80% The Bundu raised adds 175 cu ft. Total above the vault 232 cu ft. Nearly quadrupling the vault's cu ft...