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  1. Arm Rest/Center Console

    Will the Cybertruck have an armrest with it seating 6?
  2. Delivery

    I’m officially in the game now boys and girls.
  3. Delivery

    I didn’t know that!!! Thank you. I’ll reserve tomorrow.
  4. Delivery

    Hahahahah I actually like ford but hate the lightening tbh. I think it was a huuuuge let down. With the way this is going I’ll probably just reserve my CT today. As I’ve said in a few messages I just wanna ensure that my current vehicle loan is paid off. I’m sure I could afford;) two car...
  5. Delivery

    Hahahahah I get it I get it. I just don’t wanna order too early and my car isn’t paid off. But I kind of want to order now to lock in the price for the dual motor.
  6. Delivery

    Bringing this back up again:). I still haven’t placed a reservation. With the chip shortage going on and what not, what is the production schedule looking like?
  7. Delivery

    hmmmm I may hold out until may/june then. that’ll give me more time to pay my car off
  8. Delivery

    Hey y’all. i’m new here and debating on reserving a cybertruck. i’ll have my current vehicle paid off by 2024 at the latest. if I ordered a dual motor in june, when should I realistically expect to take delivery?