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  1. Need Opinion

    Sorry, ME is a totally different eco climate system and has not been as fire prone as the dry, arid west. There was an early period of fire suppression (recall the comic “Smokey the Bear of the 1950’s). Then more recently the efforts of clearing the debris off the forest floor especially...
  2. Cybertruck wishlist - options or ideas you'd like to see available?

    How about a passageway between cab and bed?
  3. Solar DC input for charging Cybertruck from trailer panels

    I’m thinking that any technical issues are solvable and also this retired person is not going to be driving daily. You have to stop to see the sights you know, which is also time to recharge batteries. Even the trip into Alice has plenty worthy to stop and see! My concern would be around...
  4. Converting Tesla Semi into a Recreational Vehicle.

    Nice concept and originally I was looking for something like your design. That said, along came the CT and there are just so many fantastic features that I will be using my CyberTruck as a camping vehicle instead. I’m hoping that there is a passageway from cab to bed so it can be totally...
  5. full steering wheel?

    Quite.honestly, we all can get used to just about anything even if it’s not our preference.
  6. Cybertruck validation testing coming soon?

    Thank you! Appreciate the quick reply!
  7. Cybertruck validation testing coming soon?

    QUESTION: Can I upgrade my previous pre-order from single to double engine CT? If so, how do I do that? Thanks!
  8. Need Opinion

    I’m in the same position but have decided against an M3 purchase because we’re too close to a major battery upgrade and don’t want to chance putting money out on a soon to be upgrade. I did put some money in Tesla stock but will need to find a place to park a substantial amount. Like you I...