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  1. Glass Topper is a SHOW STOPPER !

    Glass roof is not a sun roof. We screened our 19 TM3/DM/FSD roof window for $30 because it was too hot in Houston. We didn't use the rear screen, haven't had many passengers back there, but no complaints. Solar panel would be better, but would cost $thousand$. Better off upgrading battery...
  2. CT Vault subcompartment dimensions

    Thanx for the feedback, maybe I need to consider the frunk for folding ebike storage
  3. CT Vault subcompartment dimensions

    Thanx for the feedback, maybe I need to consider the frunk for folding ebike storage
  4. Latest From Musk: Production Cybertruck almost exactly same but better. No door handles. 4 wheel steering. Self opening doors.

    As a renter, I agree. However, Tesla wouldn't want the vehicles to compete with the solar bidness.
  5. Tesla should contact customers in RESERVATION # ORDER, regardless of motor choice... right?

    As a 19TM3 owner, I know being down the line means you'll get a vastly improved CT. I'm patient, the Tesla experience is a continuing improving process, and that's the best difference between the rest of the OEMs.
  6. Anyone selling what your CT will replace?

    Sold my 13 Volt before the battery warranty expired last month. Sold to Carvana for $12K, a lot better than i thought it would sell for. Wife and me down to her 19Md3/DM/FSD, which is car aplenty! Have ordered Zoom electric scooter to commute about 1 mile. Will couple scooter with CT for...
  7. Ford Will Crush Tesla With Electric F-150, Jim Cramer Says

    : maybe Sandy Munro is a better truck guy. He looked into the Mc E HV cooling system and mach stroked out. Cooling system has a 10k maintenance schedule, wtf, over? Major fail point! I'll say it again, CT HAS STOLEN THE LIGHTNING'S THUNDER!
  8. Glamping items for the CT

    Cool! Link?
  9. Glamping items for the CT

    Will use an espresso percolator on the hot plwre
  10. Glamping items for the CT

    Will also equip CT with toaster oven (thanks CT guy), portable refridge, ice maker, microwave, solar shower bag (with some sort of davit hanger), dry toilet, 5gallon water containers with dispensing attachment, and a rollable solar panel to offset the living power consumption. Suggestions?
  11. Glamping items for the CT

    Starting to find glamping items to fit the CT to become a comfortable National/State Park overnight visitor. First item, $20 portable cooktop. 1000W,
  12. What SOC to keep tri-motor CT at?

    We keep our M3 at 80%, unless a road trip is planned, then we'll bump it up to +90%. Also bumped it up for Uri blackouts in Houston. Never used more than 10% per night during the blackouts, so for a renter, it was our only generator. Also, we're only charging level 1, so that's a safe way to...
  13. Elon: Cybertruck will not have door handles!

    My CT will be a robotaxi works stiff. How will customers enter CT? how will CT know who to allow inside? I'm sure a QR code will be involved.
  14. [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS] "White House considers vehicle mileage tax to fund infrastructure"

    World shipping is responsible for about 10% of global GHG emissions. IMO 2020 regulations have greatly addressed this by requiring scrubbers or alternative fuels such as MDO, LNG, and supprisingly, ammonia.
  15. Maybe I shouldn't wait for the CT anymore.

    Be my guest. What's the expression? Lead, follow, or what? I've ordered 2. My official retirement 420-22, so my retirement gig will be CT robotaxi. Also, I'll have a CT to travel North America. Lotta rincons in Mexico I wanna see.
  16. CT Vault subcompartment dimensions

    🤠Might work on the Canadian border, but not the Mexican border 🌮
  17. Robo Taxi Thoughts?

    My CT robotaxi intention is to dumbdown the interior. Cover or replace upholstery and carpeting with durable stain-free materials. Uber/lyft have boilerplate rider contract s regarding damaged property, plus they have credit card access. It's a truck, I expect wear and tear, I will depreciate as...
  18. CT Vault subcompartment dimensions

    I've ordered 2 CTs (both Dual Motor/AWD/FSD), but am interested in buying a folding ebike by July, well before delivery. I haven't found a folding ebike that will stow in my wife's Md3 (Dual Motor/AWD/FSD) frunk, but want to buy one that will stow in the CT's Vault sub-compartment. What are the...
  19. Most obscure or funny uses you've thought of for your Cybertruck?

    Houston, so CT will double as a home generator to keep the fridge going after hurricanes. Definitely act as truck boat truck during seasonal flooding. Rest of the time, robotaxi!