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  1. Okanoganjim

    Hoping for long travel suspension in Cybertruck

    When I first saw the Cybertruck, it struck me as a futuristic Trouphy Truck. With long travel suspension designed to haul ass across the desert. I hope the designers are thinking this way as well. I don't expect or want two feet of suspension, but 12 inches would seem reasonable, and with...
  2. Okanoganjim


    I'm an older guy and have always had a truck of some kind, normally as my main vehicle. Everything from compact trucks to one ton. Currently have a 2018 Silverado 2500 Duramax diesel. I am interested in new tech and am fascinated with the accomplishments of Elon and his company. When the CT...
  3. Okanoganjim


    What the hell, lets shoot the breeze.
  4. Okanoganjim


    This thread has died, lets start some chatter. I am anxiously awaiting the review of the updated CT. Maybe they will address the 5th wheel issue, maybe not. Ether way I am in. I can always sell my 5th wheel and get a tow behind, or adopt a different traveling style like EV travel to Motels. Its...
  5. Okanoganjim

    Extending towing range with Assist motors in the trailer.

    Towing, even with a Diesel pickup takes a heavy toll on range. My truck seems to go 1/2 as far on a tank when towing my Fifth wheel. A way to improve upon this could be for Towed RV manufactures to include electric motors on two wheels of the trailer, and s structural battery pack in the floor...
  6. Okanoganjim

    Watch the Tesla Battery Day Livestream & Post Your Reactions Here

    The Million Mile Battery was not specifaly mentioned in the presentation, or was it ?? I believe that it was, when Elon talked about making the battery pack a structural part of the vehicle. Something that is not easily removed and replaced. This to me is the Million Mile Battery that lasts the...
  7. Okanoganjim

    Bought $59k TSLA before pre-ordered CT

    I did the same thing but started with a little less at $36K. Now Im playing with the houses money. Maybe we can get a Roadster for our wives with the winnings! Name me another car company where you can do that. My fingers are crossed that our luck holds,
  8. Okanoganjim


    Wow great response to this new thread. Thanks! I have a Silverado 2500 Duramax today that I love. Use it to tow a boat, dump trailer, and a fifth wheel toy hauler. I realize the CT will not be able to handle the fifth wheel due to the wings, so I may keep the Silverado for that purpose. Trouble...
  9. Okanoganjim


    I’m from Brewster Washington. Fell in love with the idea of the Cybertruck. Bought some stock that hopefully will help pay for it in a couple years. Anyone else out there.