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  1. DIYDharma

    5:1 Tesla stock split

    $TSLA closed at 570+ today - great news. I can cash in now, get my investment back, pay cap gains tax and still have money left over for a CT, so basically a free CT. However, with recent price target upgrades, more Space X missions, Germany expansion, and beating Chinese vehicles in China...
  2. DIYDharma

    Cybertruck vs Hummer EV

    GMC to unveil HUMMER on Oct.20, at 8 PM EST, including reservations. Based on a previous post i read from either Car And Driver or Motor Trend, I don't remember, they said that you can get a range of 400 miles with the 200kwh battery pack. This is...
  3. DIYDharma

    5:1 Tesla stock split

    No - you are not missing anything and you are correct, you can get them on the 31st as well. That makes sense too.
  4. DIYDharma

    5:1 Tesla stock split

    You have to be owning the stock by 8/21 to be eligible for the split on 8/31. So you if you "want in" on the 5 to 1 split, you have to buy it before EOTD tomorrow, 4 PM EST. Tesla’s stock...
  5. DIYDharma

    We’re almost at 2,000 folks.

    A historic day, closing at $2k. And people said this was insane. Well the stock is insane and is driving itself on autopilot. Coming up with the 5 for 1 split, each share will likely be around $400 or more come 8/31. Couple that with battery day on 9/22, the stock will likely hit 500 on or...
  6. DIYDharma

    Cybertruck vs Hummer EV

    Here are some pics of the Hummer EV - released today. Link to latest video:
  7. DIYDharma

    If you could request three factory add-ons, what would they be?

    1. Removable doors like the Bronco 2. Separate buttons for Heated seats for seat back and seat bottom for driver to help with back pain. 3. Front seats to be able to turn to the back so that you can have conversations with the people in the back seat. 4. Rear window can come down to access...
  8. DIYDharma

    vinyl wrap cost estimate?

    Will the wrap stick to steel though? current wraps stick to the clear coat of your car. Just wondering if they will stick and stay stuck? Also, it has got to be pretty easy to wrap the CT. it has no contours that require manipulation of the wrap. I'm looking to wrap mine like R2D2 although...
  9. DIYDharma

    Calling New Jersey Cybertruck Order Holders

    Middlesex county here - number 350k+