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  1. parapyropig

    Worlds First EV friendly trailer

    Give it wheels/tires that match the cybertruck, then it will have my attention.
  2. parapyropig

    4-Wheel steering

    Huh. How ‘bout that?
  3. parapyropig

    Cybertruck may become the first Tesla able to vehicle-to-grid power your house

    With 220 & 110 V plugs already in the truck, it seems as though it’s already somewhat set up to be a house battery if need be.
  4. parapyropig

    Cyber Camper concept for Cybertruck

    Theoretically, any sort of camper top could lock Into (what appear to be) the six roof rack mounts presently on the prototype.
  5. parapyropig

    Would you attend a 'Cybertruck Adventure Rally' in summer of 2022?

    The Toyota folks are usually there during the second week of July. _EVERYTHING_ will be booked then. Peak wildflower time is around that time, as well. Late July / early August might be the ideal time (before school starts, too).
  6. parapyropig

    Would you attend a 'Cybertruck Adventure Rally' in summer of 2022?

    I plan on having a lot of time on my hands after July 2021... just sayin’.
  7. parapyropig

    Would you attend a 'Cybertruck Adventure Rally' in summer of 2022?

    I have no other choice but to assume that the supercharger situation in that area is only going to improve over the next two years. Those, along with the locations available at multiple RV sites, make me believe that charging opportunities will not be scarce. I have been watching trail run...
  8. parapyropig

    Would you attend a 'Cybertruck Adventure Rally' in summer of 2022?

    I’ve seen them take full-sized Chevy mountain tour trucks, F150s and Tundras on those trails; Cybertrucks would fit. There are superchargers planned to be built in both nearby Montrose and Telluride. There are at least three different campgrounds in the Ouray area with beaucoup 30-60 Amp...
  9. parapyropig

    Would you attend a 'Cybertruck Adventure Rally' in summer of 2022?

    Ouray, Colorado has a Toyota FJ & truck summit every year - it sold out in ~1 second this past weekend. I’ve been three times. The tails there are spectacular!!! “Tesla Cybertruck Summit” - you wouldn’t be able to keep me away.
  10. parapyropig

    What will you tow with your Cybertruck?

    My home built expo camper.
  11. parapyropig

    Cybertruck wishlist - options or ideas you'd like to see available?

    HUD for the windshield. User configurable.
  12. parapyropig

    Full Self Driving (FSD) $7,000 option

    FSD is inevitable. The ratio of human-caused accidents per mile is one in every 460,000 miles versus crashes on auto pilot as one in 2,400,000 miles. I look forward to it. As I age, I’m not gonna be getting any better as a driver. FSD will allow my wife and I our independence way past the time...
  13. parapyropig

    Full size spare tire

    Combined with a trailer hitch that doesn’t mess with the departure angle, that could work. It would have to be pretty stout to avoid wobble and metal fatigue. Probably be a better idea to have a aftermarket rear bumper with a swing-out mount. The other obvious issue with either would then be...
  14. parapyropig

    Cybertruck imagined side-by-side with F-150 Raptor, Ram and classic pickup

    The Cybertruck looks too big; it should have nearly the identical width and length as the Raptor.
  15. parapyropig

    Deconstructing Cybertruck’s Tooling Costs Reveal Advantages of Its Engineering/Design

    This explains why something I expected to cost the better part of $120,000 won’t.
  16. parapyropig

    4-Wheel steering

    4WS would allow the TCT to make hairpin turns, and even allow “crabbing“ like a tiller on a ladder fire truck. This feature would be especially useful off road, such as with negotiating tight switchbacks on mountain roads, as well as maneuvering through older (read: European) streets. Would...
  17. parapyropig

    Only one tailgate option. Why?

    There’s only one tailgate option so far. A tailgate that swings down 180° would facilitate easier access to the vault / vault floor storage compartment.
  18. parapyropig

    Full size spare tire

    Not speed; distance. If things don’t change dramatically in the next few years, it’s probable I will be frequently commuting between Florida and Colorado.
  19. parapyropig

    Video: Cybertruck being followed by Model X

    The prototype is a dual motor configuration.