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  1. Sputter

    I want to sell my CYBRTRK

    Yeah, Crissa, great idea. I'll take delivery (actually, will ride my GS1200 to the factory), enjoy the thing for a while then try to sell it for a small profit.
  2. Sputter

    CyberLandr Camper / Overlander Concept for Cybertruck

    Looks like smoke and mirrors at this time. Would love to see in person and check out the hydraulics or electrics that power the thing up and down and in and out. A "must-have" is Tesla's camper mode to heat and cool the thing. But yeah, if it all works, I'm in...but as a touchy-feely kind of...
  3. Sputter

    I want to sell my CYBRTRK

    to Cybercarlson in your reply to shaneaus: Thank you. Well said. To shaneaus: I didn't say it was "huge." I said my wife was concerned about the size. She is of small stature and the driving of the CT would be would not be worth the cool factor. I have owned serval large pickups. I am aware of...
  4. Sputter

    I want to sell my CYBRTRK

    Yeah, concur. If it were shortened and decreased in width a tad, my wife would say, "Okay, let's do this thing." So yeah, just wait and see.
  5. Sputter

    I want to sell my CYBRTRK

    I signed up and put up my $100 on Day 2, so I guess I'll get my CT in late summer or fall of 2021. I own a Model 3, and have driven pickups all my life and really wanted the CT. However, my wife is concerned about the size of the CT and would rather I not get it. Cool, I've got my eye on a...
  6. Sputter

    FSD will get $2k price increase 10/29

    I could not agree more. Pit the poor guys who bought a Tesla a few years ago and paid several thousand for what? Ziltch. I drive a Model 3, have put up my $100.00 for my CYBETRK, and own a fair number of shares of stock. In other words, I'm a fanboy. But no way in heck would I pay even $5,000...
  7. Sputter

    Top 15 Cybertruck Features/Accessories Power Ranking (Video)

    Great list! Great talking points! Hope Elon is listening. Regarding the roof rack, which I've commented on before, as having as a factory option, by providing female, threaded cups built-in to facilitate vertical, male threaded supports that would enable a factory designed system that is easily...
  8. Sputter

    Bluetooth keyboard usage with Cybertruck display

    Good for you! I'm sure the ZERO will fit. I'm positive it is shorter than my GS.
  9. Sputter

    Bluetooth keyboard usage with Cybertruck display

    Hope you get to make your ride to the last five. Yeah, Covid has been a bummer for us that like the open road, but an absolute tragedy for many Americans. But back to the CYBRTRK, I just hope the vault is long enough to fit my 1200GS. Then I'll have the best of both worlds.
  10. Sputter

    Cybertruck Roof Dome

    I still would hope that some method could be engineered that would enable the tonneau cover to be withdrawn up into that space instead of curling down behind the back seat. That way, the cover could be used as a sun shield when parked in Arizona and would allow my dog free rein of the cab. Plus...
  11. Sputter

    Bluetooth keyboard usage with Cybertruck display

    The Goldwing and the BMW are both great for touring. I rode my Goldwing from Washington, D.C. to Alaska and on another trip, to Nova Scotia. I rode my BMW from Washington to Quebec, Labrador, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick on a 30-day, 6,000 mi. solo trip. Both...
  12. Sputter

    Origami forming robot or, how de' goin do dat?

    Was curious. Tesla has these humungous hydraulic casting machines to form and press the front and rear structural assemblies of the Model Y. Regarding the CYBRTRK, I was wondering if anyone had read if Tesla has a huge mother robot to crease the stainless steel, bend it up and around and clamp...
  13. Sputter

    What if your place in line cost $1000.00?

    Yep. I'd write a check tomorrow. I've got a family reunion coming up in Texas next year. I plan to show up in my new CYBRTRK. Yee ha....
  14. Sputter

    full steering wheel?

    No need to re-invent the wheel. 'Gimme a round one...cep't maybe a bit flat on the bottom.
  15. Sputter

    Cybertruck steel body can be superheated to different colors

    Yeah, this is just crazy talk. I can just see some dufus taking a blowtorch to his cybertruck and all the plastic bits and wiring and insulation and adjacent upholstery melting...
  16. Sputter

    Airless Tires For Offroad?

    Super cool, but why not make it for regular street use first. Test it with zillions of miles, then adapt it to offroad.
  17. Sputter

    Cybertruck Has a Texas Home! Musk Announces Gigafactory Texas For Cybertruck Production!

    Could not agree more. As I type this on July 24th, 2020, (two days after the news release), the video I saw had LOTS of earthmoving equipment on site. That means that had contracts signed up; permits pulled, etc, like last month. For sure Tesla's logistics people have been on top of this for...
  18. Sputter

    Cybertruck Has a Texas Home! Musk Announces Gigafactory Texas For Cybertruck Production!

    Maybe that is why the land cost was so cheap. Maybe other land developers saw the site as being too much of a challenge to clean up old toxic wastes.
  19. Sputter

    Cybertruck Has a Texas Home! Musk Announces Gigafactory Texas For Cybertruck Production!

    Hmmm...interesting: the Texas factory will have only 5,000 employees to produce the Y, the cybertruck and the semi. In Berlin, they will have 10,000 employees to produce only the Y. How do you figure?