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  1. RonM

    Tesla should contact customers in RESERVATION # ORDER, regardless of motor choice... right?

    If "Tesla goes primarily by reservation number within the context of geography and deliveries." Set up temporary residency in Austin, Texas and just change the location of your purchase. :sneaky:
  2. RonM

    Waiting for Cybertruck

    Mar 22, 2021 #1 Thanks to everyone that has ordered this sticker. I thought I would do a video on how to install just in case you need some guidance. Hope it helps. Anyone that wants to get more for family and friends I'm doing a Limited Time Bonus buy one...
  3. RonM


    Congrats on the new house and the coming of first born. Take it from an OLD FART, you have plenty of trials and tribulations ahead of you and a lot of time to forge through them. Having said that, we are on the cuff of the electrification of the automobile with many changes to come. SPEND...
  4. RonM


    If you can't aFORD (like what I did?) $100 you can't aFORD (there it is again) a CT or your just not sure you want one. If your not sure, chances are you will be $100 ahead today or $80 ahead in 4 years after inflation .:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  5. RonM

    Tesla has over 1 million Cybertruck reservations in latest tally

    I figured scalping 300 CTs will give me way better returns on my $30,000 than the bank will give me over 3 years! :geek::geek::geek:
  6. RonM

    What is this in the CyberTruck bed?

    CROP CIRCLES!:eek::eek::eek::eek:
  7. RonM

    What is this in the CyberTruck bed?

    Left hand print.
  8. RonM

    📸 Cybertruck Spotted at Giga Texas Plant! + Interior Look with Yoke Steering Wheel and Performance Pedals!

    Question: The two people shown on the display screen, is that a reflection or is it picked up by an external camera?
  9. RonM

    Tesla transition to solid state batteries

    SO your opinion is that cell phone batteries have hit the wall and will never improve?:cry:
  10. RonM

    Tesla transition to solid state batteries

    While talking batteries, I hope Musk branches out on all sizes and shapes....APPLE IPHONE could use a good long life battery. The ones they are using now turn into :poop: in a very short period of time!
  11. RonM

    Double billing?

    When MY NUMBER COMES UP ... I hope it's for my CT!!!!
  12. RonM

    What SOC to keep tri-motor CT at?

    I feel like I'll be 100 years old by time I get my CT!!!!
  13. RonM

    Is the additional range from the single motor to the dual worth $10k?

    What does men's nipples have to do with snowy conditions and off roading??? Sound painful to me between the frostbite and road rash.
  14. RonM

    What will happen to Tesla when Elon Musk goes to Mars?

    This lock down must be getting to me, a Mars trip is almost beginning to sound good....
  15. RonM

    What will happen to Tesla when Elon Musk goes to Mars?

    All CT owners will be invited to travel with him to Mars 🚀 and be allowed one 🚐 cybertruck as carryon.
  16. RonM

    What features won’t be standard on the tri-motor and what do you think full spec will cost?

    Optional SpaceX Starship to get off this CRAZY planet!🚀🚀🚀🚀
  17. RonM

    Updated CyberTruck to be shown in a month or so AFTER WE GET THE 8000 TON CASTING MACHINE RUNNING!

    A flow of 4680's sounds nice, but a flood would be much better!