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  1. I Cancelled my Cybertruck for the F150 Lightning

    They've produced 10,000 mustang mach e in the last 5 months. Plus it's going to be a shit box like every other ford they make. (Apologies GT you are exempt from this statement).
  2. Tesla’s Growth could be Headed for a U-Turn

    Hey man, nothing wrong with being cautious, you may be right on the overall market, my plan is to just hold throughout.. if the market goes to shit in 12 months then I think as long as you can say 'i don't need that money for 5-6 years' you are golden, I mean it's only a loss if you sell it. I...
  3. Building contractor & Ford Pickup owner says Cybertruck should be better work truck than Lightning

    Also, I have owned three top tier F150's including a Roush in the $70's and honestly they just were not that good. All three had same issue with moon roof racks which was never fixed in a decade, the UI was dreadful on all ... literally downloads either at the dealer or with a USB stick, poor...
  4. Building contractor & Ford Pickup owner says Cybertruck should be better work truck than Lightning

    payload for me.. I tow a trailer with a car and with the hitch weight and a couple of big lads in the car we are at payload quickly. Payload is a huge advantage to Cybertruck.
  5. Tesla’s Growth could be Headed for a U-Turn

    I've got a long position in tesla and I think the analysis is so over complicated.... my opinion without being any kind of expert is that the product is superior, the tech is superior, they have years and years head start, the market is huge, the transition is certain and they have none of the...
  6. Want to invest in electric cars? GM could be a better bet than Tesla

    Also, the thing they are overlooking here is almost all GM's are total shit boxes, whereas Tesla's are fantastic cars. Just because it's electric doesn't mean it still wont ultimately be a GM shitbox.
  7. What will you tow with your Cybertruck?

    I have a 5 liter v8 F150 (2016) and I tow 8k regularly. My MPG's go from 13.5 normal to about 8.5 towing. I also have budgeted 50% loss of range on the cyber truck but how can it be so? You would think that the electric torque would make towing more efficient - i.e. pulling away from the lights...
  8. vinyl wrap cost estimate?

    i think that would be a great idea and then take the pre-cut to a pro to install... there is no way I would do that myself, well worth $1,500 to a pro to install. I really don't think anyway you do it will be under $5k unless you do a commericial job and cut the corners with door jambs and edges...
  9. vinyl wrap cost estimate?

    i think you are talking 6-7k for a good one - trims done right, door jambs etc. I had a race car done minus those details and came to 2,700 and much less wrap used... this thing is huge. The guy who did mine was doing a model X which was top notch and he said that was 5800
  10. Poll: Are You Replacing an ICE Truck With Your Cybertruck?

    yep... 2016 F150 Roush, cya later, cant wait to get shut. Tow 9,500 lbs regularly with a race car trailer... cant wait. 14k seems a big upgrade!
  11. What will you tow with your Cybertruck?

    26ft enclosed race trailer with car and various parts/crap. We're right a out 9,200 lbs loaded so the 14k on the trip motor really does solve a problem that my turd f150 roush has...namely can't take everything we need.
  12. Cybertruck reservation order number -- how to tell your place in line

    4858 with tri motor for me here in FL. I ordered as the broadcast was still going.. hope the tri motor comes first!