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  1. Cybertruck renderings and creations

    Just imagine a void in the shape of the Cybertruck. :ROFLMAO: Posted this in another thread earlier
  2. Cybertruck 5th wheel RV home

  3. Cybertruck Wrap Ideas?

    Matte black will definitely look good on the Cybertruck. Vantablack is some cool technology but I think it'd be a shame to not be able to see the Cybertruck's unique brutalist design! Matte Black 👍 Vantablack (where's the Cybertruck?!) 😆
  4. Can't wait to see Cybertruck factory and assembly line video

    An official video of the Gigafactory Shanghai was just released this week and it looks darn impressive. Can't wait to see inside of the Cybertruck's Gigafactory and them rolling down the line in late 2021 hopefully. One thing's for sure, we won't be seeing a paint spraying line!
  5. Musk confirms: HVAC in bed vault, probably bed access from second row, partial bio-defense mode

    The Cybertruck is Elon's baby project. No way it turns out to be a turd. You can tell by the specs they're throwing out for it already, this thing is going to perform and bring all sorts of novel features to the truck/pickup world.
  6. Cybertruck easter egg in Tesla Camp mode

    Cool spot! Perfect vehicle to be an easter egg in Camp Mode since it'll be the most camp and overland capable of all Teslas. So that's the second Cybertruck easter egg right? There was this other one in a recent simulator image released by Tesla.
  7. Cybertruck Spotted Testing Tonight in LA! [Updated With Video]

    I love the rake of the Cybertruck's stance... or at least how they have the front and rear air suspension currently set!
  8. Funny Cybertruck images & videos

    DIY child Cybertruck
  9. Cybertruck renderings and creations

    Any Model 3 owners here? This is what your garage will look like (y)
  10. Vandalism concerns

    Sentry Mode and dashcam feature are really game changers in dealing with vandalism and at-fault accidents.
  11. Mexican City Orders 15 Cybertrucks for Police Force

    Is their police force manned by GI Joe figures? :ROFLMAO: Seriously tho I can see many police forces making the switch to EV with the Cybertruck given how rugged its construction is and how well it performs. I mean even a 911 can't outrun it if there was a pursuit situation.
  12. Air suspension

    I'm hoping for more than 3 present heights. Since the air suspension height will be controlled via slider, I hope we're given ability to adjust infinitely within the slider's entire range.
  13. Air suspension

    I just hope we don't see this application :)
  14. Multispoke Production Wheels on Cybertruck in Workshop / Studio?

    I think it's the same truck. They just had wheel covers covering these wheels when they drove it out for the reveal.
  15. Multispoke Production Wheels on Cybertruck in Workshop / Studio?

    Here's a peek at alternative Cybertruck wheels In the video where head designer Franz tests throwing a metal ball at the window in a workshop. Looks like a nice multi-spoke design to me. Video where it's from:
  16. Cybertruck preview composite from official teasers

    I've been scouring the internet for leaks hoping since we're so close to the reveal there might be something. But if this is accurate this might be the closest we get to a leak. Practical question tho - are headlights like that DOT compliant? It looks like it's just a strip of LED?
  17. Suspension System

    Love the idea and hope it comes. But with independent adjustability. If not at every corner then at least front and rear. That way the rear can be lowered to give the bed an angle and height for easier loading/unloading.
  18. Will any of these Cybertruck renderings be accurate

    That general shape would be nice but those details are way too radical and scifi for popular appeal. Which might be what Musk is after if his goal for the Cybertruck isn’t mass sales. More like an enthusiast only truck rather than a work/duty/commercial pickup like the F series.
  19. Poll: Which special features will Cybertruck have?

    Do we know the Cybertruck will get dual motors and not a motor at each wheel? I think giving it 4 motors would set it apart from rest of the Tesla lineup and from all other pickups (well except maybe Rivian).
  20. Poll: Which special features will Cybertruck have?

    Agreed. And it’d be most helpful off road when rock crawling, which I’m not sure this truck will really be designed for anyway. Just read news that Rivian filed a trademark for “Tank Mode” so it’d be have to be called something different on the Cybertruck.