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  1. Blue illuminated Tesla logo front & rear badge when autopilot engaged

    I'm sure something like this has probably been discussed already, but I believe it might be a good idea to illuminate the Tesla logo badge (frond and back) with a blue LED to alert other drivers that the car they are passing or being passed by is under driver assist or auto pilot control. Seems...
  2. Dangerous left turns at intersections

    With so many accidents being caused by left turns at intersections, and the Cyber truck having so many cameras, it would be cool if they could project the rear on coming traffic on the front of the cyber truck flat panel? Prob dumb idea, but just knowing how many times large trucks and SUV's...
  3. Vault and water?

    Anyone know if vault will be watertight? 💦
  4. Brake lights

    Having never owned a Tesla (yet) truck on order😁. So many talk about using the regenerative brakes that they report seldom using brakes to stop. My question is, when you do let off accelerator do the brake lights light up to warn of slowing to a stop or only when actually applying breaks?
  5. Spare Tire

    Any chance the Cybertruck will have included or as an option a spare tire?